Saturday, February 02, 2008

New Car Seat Safety Info on Sidebar

I'm one of those car seat freaks. You know, the one who obcesses over not only my kids' safety in the car, but everyone else's. I see tv shows with improperly restrained kids and wince. Anyway, I've been thinking a lot lately about the subject (as I researched how to fit three across in the back of our Corolla-- we'll be doing it using three Radians, the narrowest seat on the market, two rear-facing and one forward-facing for Emma in the middle) and I thought I'd share a few tips, because a staggering number of parents don't know enough to be able to make the safest choices for their kids in the car, and an even more staggering number of parents buy car seats but don't use them correctly.

Take a look and see if you learn something! If you spot any errors please tell me-- I did check it over several times but it is a bit late and I am a bit tired today. :)


Awesome Mom said...

Wow those are impressive car seats. We just started looking at minivans but those seats could expand the amount of time we could all fit in a sedan (not that I am pregnant, but we are planning an addition before too long).

Anne/kq said...

That's our idea! We almost have our car paid off; we can go a few years without a car payment this way if we get three seats in the back instead of trading up to a bigger car. Plus, you know, the less consumption the better. :)