Sunday, February 24, 2008

Radian 65 on sale at!

Yeah, I should have waited another week...

Radian 65 car seats are now only $169.99 (no tax, free shipping) at (as mentioned in a previous post, where I got my 3 Radians before-- for a little more!)

Yes, I bought another one.

It's for Grandpa's car (Grandpa picks Emma up from preschool when Abba can't-- like all the time during tax season-- and she is outgrowing the seat he has for her.)

With this extra Radian, I'll be able to get 3 car seats in the back of Grandpa's car using the Radian for Emma, the Scenara for Bridey (currently her main seat, soon will become her spare), and the SnugRide infant seat (minus base) for Maggie (or move her to the Scenara and Bridey to the seat Ems is currently in when she outgrows that) if we ever need him to take us anywhere before I have got our minivan (which we're not getting until I'm pregnant with number 4.) So that's another good reason to get it. :)

And we can afford it right now, we just got our tax refund AND Jeff got a $300 tip at work yesterday.

Am I a total geek that this makes me so happy?

There are some other great seats on sale, too! If you are interested in a higher-weight harness seat for your child, now is the time to buy!

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Mama P said...

Car seats... man, it's such a tough decision for me. Nice that you have done the research!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by the BabyCenter blog. I appreciate it.

You have a beautiful family. I think you're expecting a third? If so, congrats! Take care.