Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Quite a week.

It's just been one of those weeks. On Thursday last, Jeff was in a wreck. Our car will be in the shop for two weeks-- not cool. We had to buy a new car seat for Emma because hers was in the car; don't know when the insurance company's going to get around to replacing that one. I had to take her to the dentist on Sat. (I had noticed a spot on her tooth.) She has cavities. We have to take her in next Wed. to get them fixed (and it's going to be a doozie of a day then, too, since we have to take her fasting. Yikes.) Afterwards we hit the Mervyn's sale and IKEA-- which was a bright spot-- but Bridey decided she'd rather play than nap, and didn't nap at all. Jeff's last client came in late, and he didn't get there to pick us up until after 10. Then on the way home, we ran out of gas (stupid rental car only indicates that the tank is low at the last minute.) We had to coast to the nearest gas station (thankfully it was downhill most of the way) in the rain. Then as Jeff pulled up he realized-- the gas tank was on the other side. Thankfully, there was a guy there who helped Jeff push it around to where he could get it over. Then, turns out there was a problem with their machines, and they were only taking cash. We scrounged up $5 between the two of us-- we just don't carry much cash-- and that was enough to get us to the next gas station, where the card thing was working. Jeff went to church the next morning without us, because we all had a horrid cough and my head was throbbing and my throat was aching. It hasn't stopped since-- the head throbbing has eased up a bit, but the threat and cough remain. Grrr. As soon as I start to get over one thing I get another! Bridey too. (Emma was a little cranky but got over the bug in a day or two, it seems.) A few nights ago, I had contractions that didn't slow down unless I was lying down-- kinda hard to manage with 2 little ones running around. And Jeff's not getting home until between 9:45 and 10:30 now, pretty much every night. That was rough. Today Jeff had his second sitting of the Part 2 EA exam-- and again, missed passing by 2 points. So he'll have to take it again-- if he can find the time. He's upset because he didn't really get a chance to study-- between the wreck, dealing with Emma's insurance, and working 75 hours a week, not to mention two kids and a pregnant wife, he's tried, but not gotten much in. Not to mention, I apparently missed a sale on Radians at, which stinks, because it was, like, half off, and that would have been a really nice savings. We have to buy three so we can fit all 3 kids in our car once the baby comes. *cry* It's really expensive, and they just don't seem to go on sale hardly ever. When they do, they're gone within a few hours.

Hopefully things will ease up soon-- because this week has proved the truth of the saying, "When it rains, it pours." I don't think I can take the downpour much longer!

Friday, January 18, 2008

When Abba's away...

...the girls will play.

Jeff is on a business trip-- he went to Oakland after work yesterday evening with others from his work, to do non-stop tax returns (mostly for fire fighters, apparently-- kind of their niche up there) tomorrow and the next day. He won't be home until tomorrow night.

We got through last night with only a bit of difficulty; Bridey woke up every few hours screaming for no discernable reason, had to be cuddled for a few minutes then put back down. (And yet, she slept through the INCREDIBLY LOUD paint sprayers right outside this morning. Go figure.) Emma was a little anxious to go to sleep with me instead of laying on her own bed with Abba (she's been sleeping in the inflatable on our bedroom floor, better than having her in our bed, but I can't lie there right now, at least not if I want to get up, you know, ever, and she won't fall asleep alone, so she came in the bed with me), mostly expressing this in a fight over whose pillow she was going to use (she wanted mine. I said no way. She ended up with Abba's.) But most of her anxiety was dealt with pretty well, mostly because of excitement over getting to go to the store with Grandpa (who picked her up from preschool, and took her shopping with him and let her pick out treats to bring home) and our pizza party tonight.

You see, since Abba had to leave us, I thought we'd have some fun without him. Something for Emma to look forward to and tell him about, you know. So tonight, we're having a pizza party. The pizzas are ordered (should be here in 10 minutes or so, as I write), and we're going to watch movies (I'm starting early so I won't miss my Friday night shows ;) ), eat popcorn, drink special drinks (soda for me, undiluted apple juice for Bridey-- she usually gets about 1 part juice to at least 4 parts water, if not more, and horchata for Emma), and have cookies, candy, and I even ordered hot apple pie snacks from the pizza place, which we NEVER have. Emma keeps saying, "We are going to have a PIZZA PARTY! And Abba can't come, but I will tell him about it, that is SO MEAN!" Then she giggles her little head off. (Of course, she said, "We are actually pretty nice, really. We will save him some pizza for when he comes home.")

I also let her help me open my package that came from Old Navy (with my 75% off maternity clothes, woo-hoo!) She loves to help open packages. She will have LOTS to tell Abba about tonight!