Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I would like to know why...

...Maggie will allow Emma to hand-feed her fruit puff snacks, Cheerios, bread, and other objects of interest, but insists on taking the food from my hand with her fingers and putting it in her mouth herself.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Jeff went to Oakland Friday and Saturday. Actually left Thurs. night. Not fun. Went to my mom's and Bridey didn't sleep, so none of us did. Friday night we came home. Kids slept 15 hours. Then we went back to my mom's until Jeff got home. The kids love grandma. She plays Play Doh with them. (I am a jerk and hate Play Doh and won't let them touch it unless someone else is around to play with them and clean up.) Emma wants to go over there and play Play Doh again some time on her day off.

Last night I made the first crockpot meal for Jeff's work-- lasagna. I'm going with fancier stuff first to "wow" them so everyone will want to participate. ;)

I took the girls out today and we went to the post office to mail a package, then the store to pick up a few things I need for tomorrow's dinner, plus milk and tangerines. Then we went to the park, had our snack, and then came home. Bridey screamed and didn't want a nap but she was exhausted and went out. Some movied I bought from someone on a forum came, and Emma is watching Sleeping Beauty. Maggie is out and I'm resting too.

Not much else going on. Bought a new car seat last week, getting another one next week. They're very awesome and 60% off!

I should be doing dishes or laundry but I'm tired and I'm not.

Friday, January 16, 2009

life happens

So I've not been much in the mood for long blog posts. But I thought I'd do a general update.

-Jeff has started working long hours. The good news is that he doesn't go in until 10 (or doesn't have to anyway.) So if he stays up late because he doesn't get home until after 9 and then Maggie does her not-sleeping routine (which has been happening lately) he has a chance to get at least SOME sleep.

-Bridget has gone to dance class twice now. She likes it, she says, but she needs to work on her listening skills. Or maybe just her following directions skills. ;) A new little girl just joined their class yesterday who is a few weeks younger than her, so she is not just the odd one out being so young.

-I finally gave into Maggie's pathetic face yesterday and let her have some pita bread. I usually don't give wheat until 9 months but she hasn't had a new food in a while and she's almost 9 months, it's only a few days' difference really, so... Yeah. Maggie LIKES bread. I don't give her bread with egg in it of course, or milk, but simple breads like french bread or pita or Arabic bread that are just wheat and/or wheat/barley flour, water, salt, yeast, etc. she can have now.

Other than that, not much else is new. The kids make a mess, they break stuff, they fight; they play nicely, they share, they pray for each other and help with the baby. It's life, what can I say?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Project

Not doing much with it yet, but you can check it out if you wish. :)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

KY Yours + Mine

Ranks right up there with KY Warming Gel.

No adverse reactions, even from super-sensitive me.

Heartily recommended.

That is all.