Monday, December 03, 2007

Sometimes you find something that really works-- Hanes socks

Sometimes, stuff actually works the way it's advertised.

The girls are really hard on socks. REALLY hard. They stain them, wear them down, everything imaginable. Not to mention it's hard to keep matching pairs clean when they take them off and scatter them all over the house where I don't find any given sock's mate at wash time, especially when each pair in the pack has a different color, accent, or cute little design.

They are now both wearing the same size, so we had to buy more socks. I bought a pack of Hanes girls' ankle socks, which are advertised as "repelling more dirt" or something like that. (They were $0.50 more than the Target brand socks so why not?) After one load of wash, I bought two more packages!

While we will still probably buy the odd package of "pretty" socks for dress-up wear, these are our new everyday socks for the girls. They are thick enough that they aren't getting weird worn spots after a couple of wears like the other socks do. They really do release dirt better in the wash (other white socks would get sprayed and sprayed with Shout and still come out looking slightly dingy. These get one light spritz of Shout and come out looking pristine, even when Bridget stepped in caramel, chocolate, and macaroni and cheese, then ground them in.) Emma is very particular about the way her socks sit on her feet; these seams are comfortable for her and the socks are well-shaped for her little feet, meaning no crying about "My socks are not right and I can't deal with it!" No fancy doo-dads and patterns means never not having a mate to a sock as long as we keep up a decent supply. And when Emma grows out of this size and moves up to the next one, the color coding will mean we will know whose socks are whose.

I'm seriously thinking of never buying another kind of socks (other than fancy socks for the girls and dress socks for Jeff and any boys we may have.) Just keeping a list of who wears what color heels and gradually replacing all our non-special white socks with Hanes!

AND there was a coupon in the paper this week for $1 off any Hanes socks. Score! I will totally be using THAT coupon!

Good Grief (or, if that's fat, I don't want to know what I am)

Okay. So apparently Jennifer Love Hewitt was photographed in a bikini, and people started calling her "fat" around the internet. They were making fun of her rear, thighs, etc. She responded that she's happy with her body.

WHY SHOULDN'T SHE BE? Good grief, the woman has a wonderful body! (Here is a link to the picture, with very unkind caption, for those of you who are interested. Warning: some language, especially if you click the picture to get the rear view.) I would LOVE to have that body! What the heck are they thinking? The woman is SKINNY! So she has a bit of stuff in the rear, and some thighs. They're still smaller than mine! Sure, her choice of swimsuit could be more flattering. But she looks better in a swimsuit than I ever will, rear-end fat notwithstanding.

People who think JLH is fat: you're crazy, and possibly sick. Would YOU look that good in a bikini or out of it?

Saturday, December 01, 2007


I can count on one hand the number of times we've made it to church in the past 4 months. Literally. (A few times Jeff and Emma have been well enough to go without Bridey and me.) And tomorrow, we're not going to make it again.

We are all sick. We have an annoying post-nasal drippy thing going on that was so hard on Bridey last night she kept waking up from coughing and choking on snot. We finally gave her Sudafed at 2:20 am, thankfully it didn't make her hyper, or she was exhausted enough to get over that, because after that she dried up and went to sleep for the rest of the night. We did go out to the store today (thrift store, yay! Jeff STILL HAS NOT FOUND MY MATERNITY CLOTHES so I had to pick some big t-shirts and maternity pants up at the thrift store to hold me over. Hopefully he'll find my maternity garments before I have to buy new ones-- at best estimate I will last three more weeks before the regular garments just absolutely do not fit. Jeff found a t-shirt for me that says, "I'm PREGNANT, I'm UP and DRESSED, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?" I love it! I also got books and videos for Christmas presents-- part of our reduced consumption Christmas is that we buy gifts at the thrift store. The kids get one new gift each from Santa. Oh, and a beautiful wool coat for Emsie.) But we were careful not to touch things unnecessarily or, you know, breathe on people. Or let the kids do so. We don't want to spread this thing. And we're definitely not going to church like this, there are elderly people, immuno-compromised people, and premature babies in our ward. Not going to be responsible for making them sick!

Jeff is supposed to be studying for his EA exam right now (he's taking it-- well, part 1-- the 17th of Dec.) but I think he's watching tv or playing a game (he got a laptop for a graduation present. He's thrilled.) Oh, no, here he is, EA study guide in hand. Guess he's being good! (Now the kids have made him read one story before he gets to study. I guess that's allowed. ;) )

We had my appointment on Monday afternoon (after Bridey's Monday morning exam, and her SIX SHOTS-- what I get for postponing her vaccinations because she was always so sick and it didn't feel right to give them to her before; thankfully she had one day of fever from the MMR and it was over, and didn't freak out every time she saw the band aids like Ems used to.) The heart rate was good, the weight gain was good, I got a new prescription for phenergan (yay!), this time with 3 refills-- which should last, at the rate I take the stuff, until I'm 8.5 months pregnant, so I sure HOPE the morning sickness will be done with by then! I have settled into a routine of taking it every night before bed, and that keeps the sickness away until the next evening. I forgot last night and almost threw up before I took a half dose this morning. Then I slept, 'cause it makes me tired. So I just need to remember to take it before bed so that doesn't happen! He also confirmed that Zantac is just fine when I have severe heartburn.

My Uncle Bob is doing somewhat better with his therapy. (They have confirmed, it is ALS. :( ) He is home and receiving daily therapy and assistance from a home care worker. He has a hospital bed in his room and that is where he stays mostly, except during therapy. We went over the other day and we all stopped in his room to say "hi." He is very excited to find out the gender of the baby.

Oh, that's right-- the gender of the baby! I forgot to mention that we'll find out at the ultrasound, which is scheduled for Dec. 21. If, that is, the baby cooperates! I hope for Uncle Bob's and Jeff's sakes that it does. They'd go crazy! But I personally don't really want to know, never do. Jeff and I finally compromised when I was pregnant with Bridget that we'll keep finding out until we have at least one boy; then, with each gender covered, he's willing to let the one after that be a surprise.

I have had some seriously weird cravings lately. Last night I HAD TO HAVE black olives. And water chestnuts. And dill pickles. But that was only after I got over the craving for an ice cream sundae with (get this) vanilla ice cream, chunky peanut butter, strawberry jam, dill pickles, whipped cream, and tuna... I decided to pass on that one so as not to make Jeff and Emma sick. Previously in this (and other) pregnancies, I've had cravings, sure, but they were for things I already liked-- curry, tater tots, Chinese food, etc. The bizarre cravings of the last few days, the fact that I like peanuts this time around (aversions with the girls, very severe with Emma) and don't like pineapple pizza (which I have never liked EXCEPT while pregnant with the girls and occasionally while severely PMSing) have Jeff convinced this baby is a boy. We shall see!

So, um, that was pretty much our week. Not much else going on, save the, you know, tiredness and business and did I mention tiredness? Hope you are all well! Sorry I haven't been blogging much, I just haven't often had the energy!