Monday, February 18, 2008

I got my new car seats!

Well, I didn't get them, yet. But I'll get them in about a month. And I ordered and paid for them today. I ordered them from's Presidents' Day Sale. Emma says, "I will have a gray car seat, Bridget will have a pink car seat, and Maggie will have a tan car seat." She is very adamant. So we bought two Radian 65s (one "Granite"-- grey, one "Champagne"-- tan), and one Radian 80 in the Princess pattern, for Bridey. Since our kids are tall and skinny enough that they will probably outgrow even the 65s by height before they outgrow them by weight (most kids do, even though the Radian has very high top slots), this will work great for us. They sell the infant insert separately, so the 65 (which doesn't come with one) will work fine for the baby once we get one. (We'll also probably get a few of these because the seat covers are hand-wash only and I'd MUCH rather throw one of these in the washer if we have a diaper blowout or a potty-training incident in the car seats. Since these products are made by Sunshine Kids, the company who makes the Radian seats, they have been tested with the Radians and are not considered an after-market product. Remember to read the instructions for your car seat to find out what is and is not allowed to be used with your seat before you use ANY extra products, as use of such products may void the warranty and cause you to be held partially liable by your insurance company in case of a crash that your child is injured in-- which means they may not pay for needed therapy or other benefits.) AND the seat covers are interchangeable for the 65 and the 80, so if at some point Emma DOES outgrow it by weight before height, we can just switch her cover with Bridey's, if it comes to that. And with the sale, my grand total for all three was $619.97! That's a great deal for 3 Radians. And shipping is free, and no tax. AND shopping at that site benefits the Kyle David Miller Foundation (it's actually run by his mom.)

Can you tell I'm excited?

The sale runs through tonight if anyone else is interested. Besides Radians they also sell Britax, Recaro, and SafeGuard higher-weight harnessed seats, Britax strollers, and Peanut Shell slings and nursing covers, among other things. :)

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