Monday, October 29, 2007

First Prenatal Check-up

We went to my first check-up today. Emma was in preschool; Bridey stayed with Abba until time for the ultrasound. The doctor did both trans-vaginal and external ultrasound, for greater accuracy. I am a few days further along than I had guesstimated; my official due date is May 1, 2008. Looks like this baby is going to have a birthday VERY close to Bridey!

The baby (yes, just one baby!) seems healthy, did not like being disturbed by the u/s passing over (I think s/he was sleeping; the u/s passed over and the baby just scrunched up and flailed in protest!) Not nearly as active as Ems or Bridey were on their ultrasounds at this stage, but that's OKAY BY ME!

And I got phenergan, to curb my nausea! w00t!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I just talked to my aunt.

My Uncle Bob has been sick for a while. They haven't figured out what has been wrong with him. Last night they got a tentative diagnosis of Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS.) This is really bad.

They're still waiting on some more tests. It is not a definitive diagnosis yet. I would really appreciate everyone's prayers, for some kind of miracle that it is NOT ALS, for him to have a long and healthy life even if it is, just for him to be well, for his doctors to figure out what to do for him, and for my family in general.

Uncle Bob is really special to everyone who knows him. He has been a Catholic school teacher for many years (interspersed with some principaling and some consulting.) He has touched the lives of his students and their families as well as our family in so many ways. He is just one of the most wonderful people I know and we are not ready to accept this diagnosis until it is definite.

Please, any prayers you have for him and for us are much appreciated. His name is Bob Grossi. Thanks.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Do I REALLY have to change it?

Bridget has a poopy diaper. I know it's poopy. It's a really stinky one and I can smell it from across the room. She did it about 5 minutes ago.

But I also know that it's gonna smell WORSE when I open it up to change it.

And I'm gagging just smelling it in the closed diaper from across the room.

And I just managed to eat a little food and drink a little juice.

And I really don't want to throw up again.

And she's not complaining. Yet. She's happily playing "throw sister's stuffed animals on the floor, pick up, repeat."

But I'm probably going to throw up anyway if I don't change it soon.

I guess I'd better suck it up.


*goes to change the diaper*

Anyone want to help plan a menu?

It's for 10 to 60 people, a few of whom may be vegetarians, most of whose likes and dislikes I don't know, for dinner and dessert.

Yeah. That's what I thought. We're planning the menu for Jeff's graduation party-- invites went out a while ago-- the RSVP deadline (we specifically asked people to respond whether they are coming or not because you know how people are) is this Friday, and guess how many responses we've gotten, out of 50 invites? About nine. Nine. I'm going nuts trying to figure out-- can we have nice food, or are we going "feed the masses cheap"? I'm doing my shopping on Saturday and all I can say is they had better respond soon or I'm going to start making follow-up calls. And I'm not sure I can be polite.

But I do have some thoughts on the menu. I'm assuming we'll probably actually get between 30 and 50 people. Here's what I'm thinking so far:

-A crockpot roast dish. Either corned beef with veggies, a traditional pot roast type beef roast with veggies, or maybe pork roast with apples and potatoes (because pork roast is on REALLY cheap right now.)
-A chicken dish. Probably thighs and/or drumsticks because they are also cheap. Possibly deviled (we used the recipe for Emma's first birthday party and it was delish.)
-Salads. Probably a green one-- maybe this one, which can be made ahead of time and then everything tossed together at the last minute-- and several others, like a fruit salad, a three-bean salad, and maybe one more, I don't know what kind.
-A kind of macaroni-and-cheese, dressed up; little shells, tossed with a cream sauce with some garlic and herb Boursin melted in-- maybe I'll even use a jar of pre-made Alfredo sauce to make it easier-- dumped in a casserole, topped with bread or cracker crumbs, and baked. I'll give it some fancy French name that means "shells with cheese sauce" (I think I know how to say that but need to check my spelling.)
-Rolls. Because rolls are easy.
-Punch. Probably a container of cranberry juice cocktail and a bottle of Sprite dumped over ice. Maybe something else if some other kind of juice is on sale and I come up with something good.

I figure that should make everyone happy, right? Something for everyone. I will of course make signs telling everyone what is what, what was cooked with meat, what is vegetarian, and what is vegan, as well as any potential allergy alerts.

For dessert we are having a make-your-own ice cream sundae bar. We may or may not have a cake as well (which my aunt has offered to buy) depending on how many people come.

But this is all dependent, of course, on how many people are ACTUALLY coming.

If only 20 are going to show up, I will make something, you know, nice.

And if no one replies despite reminders, I'm going to have to smite them.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The up side of having a red couch and orange dining room chairs

When your 18-month-old eats your Baked Doritos and gets cheese hands, she doesn't stain the furniture-- only your pants.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A quick post of congratulations

I am still not up to my regular blogging schedule-- but I just wanted to post that Jeff is officially done with school! Yay!

He finished his last classes (they ended officially on Saturday), has his grades (he pulled off a 3.41 GPA! Yay for Jeff!), and on October 13 the graduation ceremony will be held at which he will officially be given his B.S. in Accounting. (Of course, we won't be there; he probably won't even bother to view it online. But it's good to know his name will be read out for everyone to hear.)

He is very happy, we are all happy, I am very proud of him. And we are planning a fun party on the 20th to celebrate.

Yay for Jeff, who finished school while working full time and being a full-time daddy and husband! It's the end of a long road for him.

Now to begin studying for the EA exam...