Friday, February 29, 2008

I am officially, medically confirmed weird.

So, I just spent (counts) 9 hours in the hospital. I was so dizzy today that I couldn't stand up. This happens sometimes when I'm pregnant, but usually goes away within a few hours. After it had persisted 7, I called my doc who told me to go get checked out. After 2 more hours of procrastinating, I called my mom. She met us at the ER and watched the kids (we picked up Emma-- and dinner-- on the way) while I went up to L&D for monitoring (the ER won't do much of anything when you're pregnant without making them look at you first) and then back down to the ER. Then Jeff (who had come home from work when I fell) switched the car seats to her car, and left. Then I got to, basically, wait around while they watched my bp yo-yo (oh so fun-- readings ranged from 128/68 to 91/44, and everything in between), did an EKG, did a lie down-sit-stand monitoring test, took my temp, took a urine specimen, took blood, took blood again when the lab lost the blood... At one point my mom took the kids to her house, where unfortunately for her they did NOT sleep, and Jeff came back from work, and then left again, picked up the kids, and came back, and they finally released me, after telling me that I'm dizzy, giving me medication for it, which didn't help, and telling me not to stand up if when I stand up I get dizzy. Which is what I KNEW WOULD HAPPEN AND WHY I DIDN'T WANT TO GO IN IN THE FIRST PLACE... Ay.

The doctor could find no cause, and could not understand WHY this happens every time I'm pregnant. (Idiopathic labyrynthitis or something like that is the official diagnosis.) He said it seems I'm just weird. (He is very nice, and said that in a joking tone with a smile on his face. I like him a lot. He remembered me from two years ago when I came in for something else while pregnant with Bridey, when I had different glasses, different hair, and did I mention it was two years ago? :o Truth be told I remembered him too-- he's very nice and cool!)

I suppose it wasn't a complete waste of time-- I got to watch all the cute paramedics go by... *sigh* And at least I can now tell people that I am officially, medically confirmed weird. ;)

Next time I get dizzy I am not going in even if my doctor tells me to.


Guinevere Meadow said...

I didn't know there was a medical diagnosis for that!!

Ami said...


There is a form of migraine that doesn't cause any pain, but causes dizziness. I've almost fallen down before, but my vertigo migraines tend to be mild. The one time I'm sure I would have fallen down, it happened to occur at night in bed, so I was safe. But very scared. Migraines can be hormonally triggered. Ask your doc about that next time.

Hope that helps!


Anne/kq said...

Huh, I'll have to ask about that... I have a history of atypical migraines!