Sunday, February 24, 2008

It is SO nice to have children who love to eat...

I am aware that there is a species of toddler/preschooler/older child out there known as the "picky eater." This is an unknown animal at our house. Well, that's not quite true; they have preferences, and many of those preferences might be considered "picky" by some. But for the most part, they are what is known to grandmas all over the world as "good eaters."

For instance, tonight for dinner we had artichokes, fish nuggets, home-made tartar sauce, and boiled baby rose and purple potatoes. I am aware that some children, if served this meal, might have had a fit and refused to eat. My kids gobbled it, and asked for more... Jeff had fun supervising Bridey to make sure that she didn't eat the WHOLE artichoke leaf, but that was our worst problem tonight. Emma said she likes artichokes, and she likes the hearts the most. She also enjoyed trying the purple potatoes (such fun! Food in a silly color!) When asked what they were like, she answered, "They taste like cranberries and juicy." Okay. I can kind of see that. They were very moist because their skin holds in more moisture than many varieties, being a bit tougher, and they have a decided earthiness, more than most varieties of potato, which does remind me a bit of unsweetened cranberries. I'm kind of amazed that a three-year-old could come up with a comparison like that, though!

We have our problems in this family. But luckily for us, food issues are not one of them! And now we are all very happy and content, with good food in our tummies. What a nice way to end a Sunday. :)


Awesome Mom said...

It is a great feeling when your kids eat things that other kids might not. I actually had a waitress stay and watch because she did not believe that my kids would gobble up the fish that we had ordered for them.

As far as black cars vs white cars showing more dirt I am not really sure that is true. We have only had black and white cars and they just show different kinds of dirt. And I have not noticed a difference in temperature inside the car either, of course with AC it really is a moot point.

Anne/kq said...

Well, white cars show more dirt, too.

Colors like medium grays, silvers, light greens, blues, and golds show the least dirt, according to my husband (who worked in a car dealership.) And we rented a black car while ours was in the shop and it DEFINITELY got hotter inside than our green car does. :)

Guinevere Meadow said...

You are very fortunate!

My parents tell me I was a very picky eater. Lance is good so far. Crossing my fingers!