Friday, August 06, 2010

At least she cares about her little sister.

Last night Emma had a HORRIBLE nightmare. The kind where she was shouting and yelling but not awake.

What was she shouting?

"NO! MAGGIE NO! IT HAS SOY! MOMMY MAGGIE IS IN THE FOOD AND IT HAS SOY!!!" Over and over. Apparently in her dream someone had left food with soy in it on the table and Maggie was trying to get into it. I had to reassure her, "I'm right here! It's okay! Maggie doesn't have the food with soy, I will make sure she doesn't get into any! She's not going to get sick, don't worry!"

It was rather sweet, in a way. Eventually she calmed down, without waking, laid back down and resumed peaceful sleep.

If the kids are ever separated from us at least I know Emma will make sure no one gives Maggie anything with soy in it! She really worries when Maggie gets a reaction and has to take an antihistimine, or when people offer them food. Even though she grumbles about the fact that we can't have certain foods in the house or go out to eat certain places because of her sister's allergy, I know she really understands that that's not as important as Maggie not getting sick. I love her caring, nurturing little spirit.