Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day

Yeah, I'm not writing much lately. ;) Sorry, I suck like that.

I was just thinking how cool and different our Valentine's Day was this year. We went out (we're limited to places that a) can accomodate Maggie's allergies and b) are open late, this time of year) to Mel's Drive-In. It's really cool. I've never been there before but always wanted to go, and it did not disappoint! It was featured in American Graffiti; it's been around, well, forever. It's close to Jeff's work and while it's no longer a real drive-in, it's still a great diner with a 50s theme.

We sat at the counter, and had fantastic food (burgers for Jeff and me, mine with potato salad; mac and cheese for the Maggie, breakfast type stuff for the other two; cheesecake for me, sherbet for Maggie, and shakes for the others for dessert.) We had great fun, the staff was SO sweet and helpful (and even gave the kids paper cars, which are only supposed to come with some of the kids' meals, and not the ones they ordered), there are jukeboxes (though we only had two quarters so we decided to skip them this time) and all kinds of music loaded on them, fifties through eighties or nineties, and it's just a fun, happy, bright kind of place. It probably won't become a FREQUENT eating place for us, because that's not really in our budget or diet, but for every once in a while treats? You can bet we'll be back. :)

I also got some very sweet cards from the kids (who can be sweet- when they WANT to be. And who also are sometimes very odd. Emma told me tonight that I looked like "an angel. A dark angel. An angel of darkness." Ok... thanks? LOL!) Combined with our fun date last Saturday while my mom watched the kids and made cupcakes with them, and the great time we had on the 15th at Open Mic Night at Olde Towne Cafe... yeah Valentine's week-ish has been a win, so far. :)