Tuesday, October 03, 2006

All Worked Up and No Reason at All

I got myself all nervous about having to make a good impression on the lady in charge of hiring teachers and meeting someone new (social anxiety makes it even harder for me), and guess what? It's my old friend Claire from high school! We were in the same grade, went to the same middle and high schools, and were in AFJROTC (where we regularly pretended to have cramps to get out of PT, especially when the Marine recruiter was running PT; I think Sarge knew we were faking, especially when it was three weeks in a row, but he didn't even want to think about it enough to deal with it) and, rather briefly, Job's Daughters together, as well as some English and other classes. She's always been cool, one of those people who ignores cliques and is nice to EVERYONE no matter who they are or what they do. She's a really sweet person, and when I dropped off my resume I got to chat with her for quite a while, and had quite a great time! So hopefully I'll get a call back about it at some point not too far down the line. :D


Super Happy Girl said...

That's the way it works some times: you get all worked up, just to find out there was really nothing to be worried about after all.
I dealt with social anxiety for a while, so I totally hear you on that.
See? you didn’t even know you were going to be pleasantly surprised today.

talitha said...

That is fantastic! Hopefully this will be a smooth transition into a new fun experience for you!