Friday, October 20, 2006

Curses, Dire Exclamations, and Foul Language!

Today is the last day of our class at Descanso. I was really excited to get out; it always makes that last day before the weekend seem that much easier and faster to go to Descanso for half a day, and Emma has been loving it.

Instead, Emma woke as Jeff's alarm began to go off a little before 7, leaned forward, and vomited (thankfully on the fleece blanket and not the electric one!) I am feeling a little queasy myself.

So instead of getting out for a fun time that we were both looking forward to, I'm stuck inside with a sick toddler, possibly sick myself, and what do you bet the baby is fussy, too?

Bummed does not begin to describe it. I am cursing the universe this morning. It's Just Not Fair. Why does the universe seem to conspire to wreck my fun?

Oh, well. Soon she'll forget what she missed. And we can do the Spring class next year. *sigh* But I just am frustrated.

At least Jeff took the 6th of November off so we can take a little (sorely needed) mini-vacation. We're thinking Flagstaff, we love to visit there. (Too cold to live there, but nice to visit.)


Dawnyel said...

Darn it all to HECK! (My "foul" language!) I hope you and the kids feel better soon...that is NOT a fun thing, but you already knew that!

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Heck is for people who don't believe in Gosh.

Would you like to do the word meme? If so, TAG, you're it. :)

txmommy said...

awh soo sorry to hear you're sic :(

what's in flagstaff?

Anne/kq said...

What's in Flagstaff? Well, for one, family. My almost-step-sister and her husband, and also my cousin and his pregnant wife.

And I just like it, it's a neat little town. There are some fun stores, and there is a whole lot of beautiful scenery. And we'll probably drive down to Phoenix to do lunch with my family there on Monday (grandma, two aunts, two uncles, rear-load of cousins.)