Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Is there anything nastier...

...than getting all set to enjoy a nice cold glass of milk (in this case, chocolate) and then taking a big gulp of SPOILED milk?

My husband was trying to use up some milk that we had bought (cheaper if you buy two at once) but never used (Ems ate all the cereal and so Jeff didn't go through it like he usually does.) So he made the milk chocolatey but not too chocolatey, just the way I like it, and proudly brought it to me. I took a HUGE gulp-- and almost threw up. I ran to the bathroom, dumped it down the sink, and did some heaving (luckily or unluckily, nothing actually came up.) All the time, I was practically yelling (but not really, since Bridget was asleep), "Eeeew! Nasty! The milk is BAD!" (I know, I'm a drama queen as well as the ketchup queen.) I put some toothpaste directly on my tongue and scrubbed it in to kill the taste, and it almost worked. Ick. So I washed out everything that had touched the spoiled milk while the Princess and the Prince Consort went to the store for some good milk, because once I get worked up for chocolate milk (and Ems does too), it's just mean not to get it, and have your last taste of the night be spoiled milk. (Thank goodness our local Ralphs is open until 2 a.m.)

Okay, I know there are nastier things, but that ranks pretty high on my list. I have always just hated spoiled milk.

In other news, my almost-step-mother got some great pictures of Ems and Bridey on Sunday. As soon as I am woman enough to wrestle with the scanner and figure it out, I'll post them.

In still other news, my sweetie had two really complicated, long projects/papers due tonight, and got them both done before 10 (the deadline; his school runs on Central time, so since everything is due at midnight there he has effectively two less working hours to complete his work and get it in, which can be tough.) Writing is not his strong suit, but he has been persevering and slogging through, and I'm really proud of him for getting it done and even maintaining a respectable GPA throughout the whole thing. I know he works so hard, at school, home, and work, because he loves us and wants us to have a better life, and I really appreciate all he does for us (like taking the two-year-old to the store at 11:30 so I could have a few minutes' rest and some chocolate milk when he got back, or wading through confusing phone numbers and staying on hold for long periods of time so our daughter can have a doctor close to us and stop getting her shots at the city clinic.) I often feel like I don't deserve him. All I can say to all those girls up at Ricks who were cold to him (no pun intended-- but hee hee!) when they learned that he had not served a mission and would not be serving one in the near future (not by choice, and he served well and faithfully as a very young Ward Mission Leader, which I guess is now classified as a stake mission) is, "Thank you!" Thank you for being short-sighted enough to ignore all the qualities that make my Prince Consort a wonderful husband and father, and how cute he is to boot, so that I could snap him up and live happily ever after. Your loss is definitely our gain. :D


No Cool Story said...

The image of you squeezing toothpaste directly on your tongue made me LOL.
Once, my little Fashionista was at girl's camp (9 year old) having lunch, she opened a chocolate pudding, I believe it was jell-o, took a bite and GROSS, it was spoiled, the poor kid, she spit it put and rinsed her tongue with water.
I haven't bought pre-packed pudding since.

You did good with your hubby, congrats :D

Anonymous said...

Ewwwww! You have a gem of a husband though.