Friday, September 29, 2006

Future Possibility-- for FUN and also MONEY!

I'm kinda excited! My almost-step-mom and I were discussing how they canceled the kids' sculpture class at the park she teaches classes at, and were thinking of replacing it with "3-D Art" for ages 3-5. She asked if I had any ideas for that, so I gave her some (from things I've done with my daughter, things I've done with Primary classes, things I remember from preschool, etc.) Well, she mentioned them to the lady in charge of the program, and they were discussing paying me to teach some of the teachers so they wouldn't have to hire a really expensive person to do it. But my almost-step-mom and I were talking in the car today (on the way home from the kids' program at Descanso we go to-- she gives us a ride, since we're a one-car family) and it emerged that I would love to teach that class, have experience with groups of that age, and could even bring Emma along (next session starts in January, she'll be almost 3 and Bridey will be old enough to leave for a few hours at a time.) So she's going to bring it up to the lady in charge and then I'll call her and we can chat. If it works out, I'd have a fun way to make a little extra money on Saturdays and also something to plan for and execute that, you know, gets done. I'm kinda psyched, I hope it works out!

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