Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I'm SO glad that is (pretty much) over!

We were all sick as dogs this weekend. Dogs who had been eating chocolate. Really, really sick. We were discussing how glad we are that we live in the era of modern medicine, or we could have died from dehydration. Luckily we have Immodium and anti-nausea medication (left over from my pregnancy-- but I got my doctor dad's okay before using it on my husband, I remembered about it too late to help me), which stopped the loss of fluids pretty quickly once we got them in. Luckily last time we were at Big Lots we had picked up some Gerber LiquiLytes Instant Mix Powder, which Emma liked much better than Pedialyte, and which, at 6 packets for $1, was much cheaper. (It also takes up less room in our cupboard.)

Now we both have a lot to do to catch up on what we missed this weekend (schoolwork and work-work for Jeff, Halloween costume work and laundry for me, and housework for both of us), although when I called my mom and we were both sick, she came over on Sunday to help take care of us and did dishes, and washed all the clothes (mostly Emma's) and sheets with vomit and diarrhea on them. I have my differences with my mom, but she's always been there when I really need her for stuff like this. In fact I think it's easier for her to be there this way than in others; it's kind of what she does (she's a nurse and also on the "service ministry team" at her church, and she's just always been like that.)

In any case, I'm grateful that she was, and that she convinced Jeff that he needed to be out yesterday instead of at work. He might have tried to go in otherwise.

We're (mostly) all better now, although we're weaning ourselves back onto normal food very slowly. Hooray for modern medicine, and mommies who are nurses and teach you how to take care of yourself when you're sick (and bring over medicine and stuff!)


Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Good luck on that weaning back onto foods. Sorry to hear you were under the weather... yuck.

No Cool Story said...

Hooray for the 21st century and mom who are there when you need them :D

I think there's nothing worse (when it comes to 'mild' sickness) than throwing up, it's a mess; it's yucky, smells yucky. It’s just awful.

Sorry you had a funky weekend, get better soon everybody.

Dawnyel said...

I'm glad you're whole fam is doing better! I'm sure YOU'RE glad they are too! :)