Thursday, October 12, 2006

More and More Accomplishments Every Day

Today while Ems and Bridey and I were at my mom's house (we went over eeeearly in the morning to meet the plumber), Emma and I made brownies to share with Abba and Grandma when they came home (from a mix, but these are better than I can make from scratch, mmmm.) While I was measuring, I told her, "See this? It says one-slash-three. That means one third cup. We have one third cup of water, and we need one third cup of oil. If we have one third cup and one third cup, how much do we have all together?" Without any hesitation, she answered, "Two third cup." :D And while we were counting the strokes, she got all the way up to 18 before she dropped out, and she jumped back in for 28 and 38 (eight seems to be her favorite number.)

Later we were reading Jamberry, and I asked Emma, "How many elephants do you see?" She carefully counted, "One, two, three!" That's the first time she's actually made the connection that you count once for each object, and don't just count for the sake of counting. (Between that and the addition, I am having absolutely no guilty feelings about how much Sesame Street I let her watch.)

Another first today-- we played catch outside with a small, soft, stuffed ball, and she actually CAUGHT THE BALL! Not just once, but about a quarter of the times she tried. This is a brand new skill as well, and one we've been working on for a while.

It's just so cool to me. I mean, I've worked with kids before, and I've read a lot of child development, but somehow it's different when it's MY child hitting the milestones.

Bridget, too, is growing up fast. She tries to chew her mashed bananas when she very occasionally gets them, and when we were playing peekaboo behind her playpen yesterday, I noticed that she's got the hang of pattern recognition. I peeked over the top and then bent down to the bottom repeatedly, then did the bottom twice in a row and caught her looking up to find me at the top. This is also a Very Good Sign that she's developmentally on target. :)

So, to sum up, girls doing good, me very proud. ;)

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No Cool Story said...

I kind of miss those times, when they are so cute and eager, when they learn little simple things but they are HUGE concepts.

Those are happy memories :)