Saturday, April 21, 2007

First Day of Class

This morning was my first day of class at McGroarty (the preschool art class I'm teaching, remember?) I had a blast. The kids and parents seemed to like it, too. We had circle time with a story, some discussion, and talking about and looking at pictures, then we did paper plate self-portraits, they painted pictures of their families (our subject for the week was "portraits-- pictures of people") and then anyone who was done with painting played with play dough for a bit before cleaning up. I think next week we will do animals.

I like the format I finally settled on, which is circle time with a story, some discussion about our subject or "theme" for the week, and then two or three short projects centering on the theme, using several different media, with play dough or another free activity at the end if kids finish early.

All the kids are great, although a few are a bit shy, that's fine. 6 of my 8 students showed up this week and I also let an older sister participate; all but one of the moms stayed. Actually, the one mom who left had the brightest, best-behaved kid. Turns out he's 3 of 4. He was so well-behaved that I jokingly asked his mom, "Does he go to preschool, or do you just enforce good listening at home?" She was pleased that he did so well and I honestly was too; he even went to the toilet and washed his hands all by himself! I wish MY three-year-old would do that!

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