Saturday, April 28, 2007

Birthday party

We had it at Dunsmore park. Emma loved it. Bridget seemed to enjoy it pretty well, too. Besides my family (my mom, Grandma Katie, Aunt Linda, my sister Megan) and us, Max and Wendy, our upstairs neighbors, came. (Emma loves them, especially Max, and Max loves Emma and especially Bridget.)

We ate sandwiches (I made 4 kinds on 2 big loaves of french bread, cut in half), fresh fruit (Ems hogged most of it), lemonade, water, and cupcakes (broken oven, so we had to buy a cake.)

It was sweltering hot but other than that great. Emma made us all wear butterfly party hats. Emma and Max played on the equipment and then came in the shade and did play clay for a while when it got too hot. (Max made Ems a bracelet which she tried very hard to wear, it was so sweet.) Max also showed us his new skateboarding skills (he's taking a class at Sunland Park.) Bridey showed off her table-dancing (and standing) skills. Max hugged Bridget and Bridget tried to eat his nose and pull his hair (which he was not fond of.)

After the cake (and cleaning up from the cake!) they opened presents. They got some really cute clothes and some toys they will love. (3 kinds of blocks/building sets, a wagon, and assorted other toys and books, including a really annoying one from my mom which mercifully has an "off" switch!)

Then after we all went home and the girls had 1.5 hour naps (and I got a half hour), we headed over to the Stake Center for a Korean culture night put on by the (20 member!) Korean branch, which was awesome, delicious, spiritual, and touching, all in one fun bundle. :)


txmommy said...

looks like a great time.
Korean culture night sounds neat!

Mean Mommy said...

Fun party. I like the frosting mustache picture.

And I hate noisy toys that don't have on/off switches. Those kind 'disappear' quickly.