Thursday, January 11, 2007


Ems and I are sick and it's no fun! It's not a "serious" illness, just severe congestion, sore throats, post-nasal drip (although that seems to be helping the congestion, at least), a little coughing, some intestinal grumblings. No fevers, just general misery. (And for some reason my teeth hurt, go figure.) Bridey coughed three times and that would seem to be the extent of her illness. I swear I get sick more when I'm breastfeeding; I think the childrens sap all my antibodies. *grumble* Luckily it seems to be worse in the throat but better in the nose today; I'm hoping by Saturday we'll both be better. No Enrichment activity for me tonight, though; the sisters are going to Bolton Hall for a private tour, which I would have highly enjoyed, but c'est la vie, eh? (I probably spelled that wrong. Sorry. Too icky to feel like looking stuff up right now.)

In other news, Bridget loooooves Cheerios. She will happily sit for about half an hour in the Exersaucer shoving fistfuls into her mouth (we have a hand-me-down older model from when they still made them without toys, just trays, and I love it; it can be wiped down easily, doesn't break, and the toys or snacks we put on it can be changed with no effort at all.) And it seems to be the food that will de-constipate her (finally!) I mean, I knew oats could do that, but she won't touch oatmeal (which her sister loved/loves.) Even when I make it the (disgusting) way I used to for Ems, with extra water and lots of stirring for smooth texture, mashed bananas, and blackstrap molasses. *shudders* In any case, the Cheerios seem to do the trick, and I'm glad (in a way.) She is still consuming about 3-4 jars of baby food per day, and nursing about every half hour to 45 minutes while she's awake, and eating table food when we have something out that she can have (most fruits and veggies, strawberries and mangoes the notable exceptions, often in her fresh food feeders, small pieces of meat, ditto, some breads, like French bread, without milk or eggs, and sometimes sips of juice or water.) And she still is not putting on much weight, just enough to keep up with her growing length. She has outgrown the baby seat now (this one had three more inches in it than Ems' did so she didn't outgrow it quite as fast, but she's still in the 75th to 90th percentile for height, like her sister) and we are going to have to shop for a new one. We will probably get the same kind Ems has.

Well, that's what's going on with us right now. How are you doing today?


Suzanne said...

I hope everyone feels better soon! I don't know what it is about this winter, but everyone seems to be coming down with something!

Awesome Mom said...

I bet the exercise in the exersaucer helps with that too. We call it the exerpooper since every time we would put one of our kids in it we would have to change a poopy diaper.

happy mommy said...

Hope you are all better!

FYI: your teeth may have hurt because of your congested and tender nasal passages. It's all connected in there. When I get sinus infections, I get horrible, piercing teeth pain.

So, just another lovely side effect to the cold!

Be well!