Saturday, January 20, 2007

Our Stake's Temple Jubilee Celebration...

...was completely awesome.

Some incredible things happened, which I am not going to write about, sorry, but I may or may not feel impressed to share with some of you in person someday. My husband and I had an incredible experience. I know I keep saying incredible, but it was. Oh, and the singing went pretty well, too (once the kinks of where to stand were worked out and we stopped murmuring.)

After we were done, we stopped by the Distribution Center. They did not have the dress I wanted in my size, either one, but I did get to see the two I liked in person and decide which one I really wanted and what size I really need. So I was able to choose what I really want while we were waiting and will order it online. My husband and I each got a pair of thermal garments (you know, the long underwear kind) and they are just almost the awesomest thing ever (we are wearing them right now.) I have a feeling that I am going to be washing them every day or so for the next few weeks, because they are going to be worn a lot until it warms up! They are actually cheaper than the kind of garments we usually wear, so since we both needed a couple of new pairs it wasn't too much of an investment. Yay, I am WARM! (The flannel nightie helps, too.)

Those of you in the Los Angeles Temple District, I hope you are all psyched up for your Jubilee Celebration. You are going to have an incredible experience (even if it's not quite like mine.)


Dawnyel said...

Just being in the temple I have incredible times! NEARLY every time!! I'm so glad yours was very special! *a little jealous* :)

txmommy said...

that's wonderful. I love to go to the temple!