Friday, January 26, 2007

The Cuteness Just Doesn't Stop

I've been having awful cramps the last two days. Last night they were really bad. I was in bed and Ems asked me to do something, and I told her, "Mommy doesn't feel well, Mommy needs to lie down right now." So she leaned over me, said, "What's wrong?" and felt my forehead to see if I was hot! She is such a little nurturer.

Today Bridget was watching Emma sign "car" (like you're holding a steering wheel) and play with a toy car and make car noises. Then Ems went in to watch Sesame Street while I fed Bridey lunch. After she was done I was cleaning up while she played with her little ring teether. Usually she chews on it some and waves it with one hand while she watches it. Today she happened to get it out in front of her in both hands. I saw her stop and look at it, then she turned it like a steering wheel and said, clear as day, "Vroom, vroom!" I wasn't sure she'd done what I thought she had, so as she looked at me I just looked back and watched her without reacting. After a few seconds she again "steered" the toy and said, "Vroom, vroom!" I asked her, "Are you a car?" And she got the biggest smile ever on her face! I wish I'd had a video camera!

This is a bit precocious for a 9-month-old. Of course, at the same age, Emma was playing with her "baby" one day and accidentally smacked baby's head into the Exersaucer. She hugged the baby to herself, patted its head, positioned it against her chest like she was nursing it, and said, "Oh, oh, na-na, na-na." She continued to "nurse" the "baby" until it "felt better." Then she went back to her play. I guess we just have strong imaginations in this family! My mom says she thinks they will both be little actresses/drama queens-- like I was!

Today, Bridget also started nodding for "yes" when she wants something, as well as nodding when she wants us to soothe her (we nod while we say, "Oh, I know, I know it's hard", etc., which is why she apparently associates nodding with comforting words.)

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happy mommy said...

I LOVE this story!!

Once my 4th child was crying as I tried to get situated so I could nurse her. My 3rd child (who was 2 at the time) went to her, lifted his shirt, and leaned over her to try and nurse her!!

I love that children so quickly become ingrained with what their parents do.