Saturday, January 27, 2007

Emma's First Solo Prayer

Tonight we were getting ready to pray and I asked if Emma wanted to say the prayer. She said "Yes," and without further hesitation, proceeded to do it all on her own, without any help! Here is what she said (because I want to remember this):

"Dear Hev'ly Fader, tank you our nice day, tank you Bridget, tank you Bridget sleeping, tank you our cats, tank you family. We love 'chother. Please help be nice 'chother, be nice cats. Please help be safe, go church 'morrow. Please help friends, Paige, Josh, Santa Plause, and family and Grandma and cats. We love you. Name Jesus Christ, Amen."

It was so sweet, and I was so proud. I guess she really does pay attention when we pray!


nita said...

That is so sweet, thank you for sharing! I love how little kids are so sweet and sincere when they pray. I remember once when I worked in nursery, this little girl prayed how she was thankful for her mom watching cartoons with her!

Anyway, I hope Emma will have sweet prayers with Heavenly Father throughout her life. :)

txmommy said...

so sweet!!

You'll have to tell me some of your favorite Dallas eateries so I can try them out.
There is lots of fun food in LA too. Have you been to the 92nd AeroSquadron?, it's very fun! And you do have In-n-Out :)

Mean Mommy said...

Just darling.

Good for you for writing it down. My kids say cute things that I want to remember...but often I forget before I get it down.

Speaking of In-n-Out...they're opening one in Tucson! Yippee!

happy mommy said...

I agree that you'll be so glad you wrote that down. She is precious and obviously has an amazing mother!

Suzanne said...

How sweet!!!