Thursday, January 18, 2007


I am not ready to tell the whole saga of the reason I have not been online the last few days, the emergency room, etc. yet. (Everything is okay, nothing life-threatening, don't worry.)

So instead I will brag. My kids have a modeling job tomorrow. My aunt has a friend who has a costume company (like Halloween costumes.) They are branching out to infant and toddler costumes (they are wholesalers who sell to a lot of companies that you have probably heard of if you buy your kids' costumes instead of making them or if you have friends who do.) She mentioned to my aunt that they were doing a photo shoot and needed a baby and a two- to three-year-old, both girls. My aunt sent pictures and I got a call asking if we were interested. Apparently my kids are just the cutest little girls she's ever seen (she has boys.) :D

Jeff keeps saying that they need to start contributing to the family, seeing as they eat so much. So they're finally getting paid work. About time! ;)

I will be getting a catalog when they come out with the pictures in it, so I can see them and add it to their portfolio or whatever. ;) Seriously, I just think it's cool that someone thinks my kids are that cute.


Suzanne said...

How fun for you and your girls! I guess they're going to "earn their keep"! LOL!!! I hope things are o.k. with the emergency room visit and have a good time tomorrow! :)

Dawnyel said...

What fun!! :)

Awesome Mom said...