Thursday, November 02, 2006

Well, NOW I feel productive.

I just spent 3.5 hours doing the equivalent of 13 loads of laundry at the laundromat (although 3 were in the triple-loaders, so really only 7 loads in practice.) Part of it with a baby on my back. And then I dried and folded it all.

I'm exhausted. As soon as the laundry is safely put away, I'm gonna spend some quality time with my heating pad. In bed.

The sad part is that that isn't all the laundry. Just what would fit in the car. There's more to do at some point. *groans*


Jenn L in Chicago said...

Oh darlin I so hear ya there. It's me, a teenager, and a 9 year old, and I average 9 loads a week... without bedding. It truly was worse when they were an infant and a toddler, because while their clothes were smaller, they were going through a lot more of them.

I've found that my laundromat doesn't save me any money by using the larger machines, so I use the one single-load at the apartment and it takes All. Blasted. Day. Long. At least that way I can do other things while machines are cycling.

Dawnyel said...

I really feel for you! That's why I LOVE my washer and dryer at my my problem is folding and putting the clothes away! Laundry never ends...and I hate it! We need to invent self-cleaning clothes! :)

Lana said...

awh!! Sorry!!

Anne/kq said...

Dawnyel, that's one reason I like going to the laundromat-- besides being able to do multiple loads at once, I HAVE to fold them all if they're going to fit in the car. Then they just have to be sorted into piles to be put away, and a few things hung up.

jenn, another thing about the laundromat is that the regular machines cost the same as the one at our complex, but besides there being more of them, they're more efficient and hold about 1.5 times as much per washer. Good when you have lots of clothes to do. And I love the triple loaders because they do save me a little money (they're twice the price of regular machines and really do hold three times as much, not to mention you can throw in bedspreads and such), but they save WORK. It's so much easier to do one load than three, and I find the front-loading triple loaders easier to load and unload than the top-loading regular washers. Then add in that they have huge counters for folding and the dryers are more efficient and it usually only costs me 75 cents to $1 (depending on the clothes) instead of $1.25 to do a larger load in the dryers... When it's not just everyday maintainance laundry I need to do, but serious catch-up, I love the laundromat.

Sometimes when I just have a few loads I go over to my dad's or my aunt's, though. That's even cheaper. ;)

Amy A. said...

Oh, those laundry blues. They never leave, do they?

Good job getting it done, though!