Thursday, November 02, 2006

Just How Exactly Did This Happen?

I just picked the baby up and noticed that she had caramel and chocolate on her little jammy leg.

Upon closer inspection, it's in the playpen, too. It appears to be of the Milky Way variety.

Emma was last seen with a big ol' Milky Way in her hand on Halloween night.

I just asked her why it was in the playpen. Her answer? "Emma Bridget SHARE!"


She thought it was so yummy she decided to share with the baby by throwing it in her playpen for her to eat.

Luckily Bridget didn't eat it.

Just mooshed it and made an incredible mess.

It's not coming off the playpen.

I have one last question on this subject:

WHERE EXACTLY WAS THEIR FATHER WHEN THIS WAS GOING ON? I ran to the bathroom and then went to lay down with a heating pad, I was sore after schlepping Bridey around, he was supposed to be dealing with them, and there's a CANDY BAR IN THE PLAYPEN.

Good heavens.

Does anyone know what gets caramel out of Pack and Play mattress? The chocolate is coming out but the caramel (and to a lesser extent, nougat) is not. And we're supposed to take this with us on our trip this weekend. GRRRRR!


Anonymous said...

Try some ice, and do not stress about it..

Jenn said...

Ice the caramel so it gets hard, and then you *should* be able to pick off most if not all of it off the playpen.

And you can't be too hard on Emma. She WAS sharing nicely with her baby sister! :)

Amy A. said...

Hair spray or goo be gone might work. If not, just put a sheet over it and forget it. Of course, if you write a letter to the play and pack people, they may take pity on you and send you a new mattress for free. Worth a try!

Anne/kq said...

Heh, yeah, except ours is so old it's a discontinued model. It was given to us for free, though, so I don't complain! But my husband did say that when we have the next baby we can get a new-to-us Pack-and-Play at Once Upon a Child.

The ice didn't get all of it off, but it got some. I'd try hairspray but, um, I don't use it. I think I'll try melting it off with really really hot water next.

Anne/kq said...

I was able to get it clean with a kitchen sponge's scrubby side, very hot water, and some dish soap. For those who were worried. :)

Suzanne said...

At least your daughter was kind enough to share right? ;)