Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Another truly awful tv post.

Oh, I'm so horrid lately.

I've been watching the promos for Medium, which I like pretty well, more for the characters than the plots (okay, I'm just a character-lover, I guess! In any case, I like the fact that her husband is annoyed when his life is interrupted and livid when his children are endangered by her "gift", as opposed to the insipid yes-man husband on Ghost Whisperer, and also Patricia Arquette looks a lot more like a Real Woman than Jennifer Love Hewitt. Plus she's a mommy, a real mommy, not a sitcom mommy, I can totally relate to that. Her relationship with her daughters is a huge part of the show and that's part of why I love it.) I can't be the only one out there who hates her hair. I mean, either ditch the bangs, grow them longer and style them, or keep the hair long! The mid-length straight bangs with medium-short hair is NOT a good look for her. Ick.

I know I am not the one to talk about bad hair. You may all scold me for a) caring so much in the first place, shallow, shallow, tv-watching me, and b) gossiping and being uncharitable. *hangs head*


Millie said...

We really got into "Medium" at the beginning - I can totally dig the "other side of the veil" aspect and I think they do a good job with it - but you're right. The haircut has to go. She looks like she's trying to be 20 and we all know she's not.

Anonymous said...

I miss you. Send me your number so I can call you one evening. :)

Super Happy Girl said...

I don't watch either one :( sorry.

I watched Medium at the very beginning but then I quit, so I can tell you this, her hair-do has got to go, when I see her in the promos is like "hey, this is the 21st century, c'mon already".

Anne/kq said...

I liked the bangs when her hair was long. But now it's short, and she's still got the bangs. Ick.

The premiere was good, though. :D