Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Check out my Cooqy Widget!

No, it's nothing dirty. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Scroll down to the bottom of the blog and check out my cool new thingy that tells you what I'm selling on eBay! I tried to put it on the sidebar, but unfortunately if you make it small enough to fit a sidebar that size, the widget doesn't like you and won't display. So I put it down at the bottom, in all its glory.

Neato, huh?

And as promised, here are the answers to the little "game" I posted last time:

"dipah ouse eat"= "something else to eat" (As in "I want.")
"touwwied"= "carried" (Most commonly "I want to be." Sometimes "Abba touwwied bof Emma and Bwidget!")
"mlowk"="milk" (I guess that was the easy one!)
"puwsd"="first" (She likes to list the order of things, as in "Puwsd Misser Woguhs, den Seffy Dreet!")
"sosoaw"="dinosaur" (sometimes "isosoaw")
"tain-dwin"="penguin" (as in "Mommy look! I be a tain-dwin!" while waddling like a penguin.)


No Cool Story said...

Cool, baby clothes.

I only guessed one, the easiest one "mlowk", my son used to say that too :)

Dawnyel said...

I love your daughter's language! So cute! Now that I understand the words...I love it! :)

Cooqy said...


Thanks for trying out our widget! Sorry you had trouble with the vertical alignment.

Let me know what size you need for your blog and I will see if we can get the widget to work for you.

Contact me at ryeager@cooqy.com if interested.

Robert Yeager
Founder, Cooqy

happy mommy said...

Those were absolutely adorable! I love toddler talk.