Saturday, September 23, 2006

What I Fed the Missionaries Tonight

Home-made Lithuanian sausage (made by my dad), cooked with sauerkraut (brown sausages, add garlic and onion, add caraway seeds, add one large jar of extra-crisp sauerkraut, drained, fresh shredded cabbage and carrots or, if you're too lazy and/or busy to shred cabbage, like me, one bag of coleslaw mix, cover and simmer several hours, uncover and simmer some more to reduce juices), home-canned peaches (from my mom's tree), and boiled potatoes with butter and salt (was going to make kugelis, Lithuanian potato pudding, rather like a potato kugel, made with bacon, but got lazy, hot, and tired.) Sour cream to top it all off, of course. For dessert, Emily's Banana Cake, with cream cheese frosting (from a can, again, I was being kinda lazy.)

We're currently sharing missionaries with the Spanish-speaking ward. They were very nice and polite and fun. One is from Virginia, one is from Mexico. Neither had had any kind of Lithuanian food before, and both loved it. So did my husband. So did Emma. So did I, for that matter. :D


Titus Todd said...

Now I'm hungry...and I just had lunch not too long ago.

TitusTodd (TheOne)

happy mommy said...

That sounds absolutely yummy! What a treat for the missionaries!