Monday, September 11, 2006

Awwww. How cute.

We went to Goleta, north of Santa Barbara, this weekend, and stayed with my great-aunt. We also saw my second cousin and his wife and one of my second cousins once removed.

Anyway, we got back tonight, and Bridget was fussy because she wanted to sleep but had some gas in her tummy. So after she was finished nursing and trying to burp, she was fussing a little. Ems brought her a pacifier and sang her a little song, with a tune and words of her own devising:

"Oh, Baby, shhh.
Here go, paci.
Yeah, Emma love Baby.
Shhh, soon night-night."

It was so sweet, I almost wanted to cry.


Mean Mommy said...

Awwwwww. I live for moments like that. :)

happy mommy said...

So so very sweet!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely poem..Emma takes after her Mommy, beauty and brains..
Thanks for the heartfelt first birthday greeting for Aerin..