Friday, September 08, 2006

Emma's Finger

I noticed something interesting tonight.

A few weeks back, while I was in the bathroom and my husband was occupied with Bridey, who was screaming her lungs out because she wanted to eat, Ems climbed up and stuck her finger in the electric pencil sharpener (which was up too high for her to reach and which she'd been told "no, that hurts" about several times but which was apparently too attractive to resist, and which now resides in an even more inaccessible spot even though she freaks out whenever anyone goes near it now) and cut off the tip of her finger.

We figured out what had done it after the fact; at first all we knew was that it was bleeding and we couldn't stop it. We rushed her over to my dad's (he lives 5 minutes away, closer than any hospital, and is a doctor, and besides her insurance hadn't kicked in yet at that point) and he, having more experience and more stuff around than we had, was able to stop the bleeding and bandage the finger. Within a week and a half, it was completely healed, although there was something funky going on with her fingernail, we figure(d) that will probably clear up with time.

But tonight I noticed that even though the rest of her hands were very warm, that fingertip was rather cold.

It worries me a little. It doesn't seem to have poor circulation to me, but what do I know? And is there a reason that she keeps saying that she still wants a band-aid on that finger, like it still isn't feeling like the others do? I thought it was just 'cause she liked our Sesame Street band-aids, but maybe it's something more.

She has a physical on the 20th (finally, we've been trying to get her covered through Healthy Families for a YEAR and it finally came through), so I think I'm going to have to ask about it then. *frets, just a little bit*

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Awesomer Mom said...

I am sure that everything will turn out ok but is woldn't hurt to get some reassurance. Kids do some of the oddest things when we are look away for five seconds.