Monday, September 18, 2006

Eeeeeew-- a Product Recommendation

We live in a really cruddy apartment. Things are always falling apart, and the landlord won't fix anything. So we've been having insect problems this summer. I felt like I was in the middle of Lost Boys (but, you know, without the kidnappings and crazy manipulative prophetess lady and psycho home-teachee and southern accents.) First we had a wave of spiders, then one of flies, then ants (who were eating the maggots that were appearing as fast as we could clean them up) and now a week ago roaches started coming in through a hole in the bathroom.

Raid works, but I'm nervous about it being around the kids and cats, seeing as it makes me sick and I'm much bigger than them. So finally we went out and got some Victor Poison-Free aerosol insect killer and also some of their "pheromone technology" crawling insect traps. I just checked the one in the bathroom, and eeeeeeew! Roaches! Nastiness. The good news is that it works. And the spray works, too. Now I can spray flies to my heart's content, without worrying about toxic residue around my babies. Muahahaha! Prepare to DIE, flies!!!


Awesomer Mom said...

Raid makes me sick too, so thanks for the reccomendation.

Anonymous said...

Oh Anne, i think by law the landlord has to help with the infestation, especially with small children living there..
Thanks for the info on the insect killer, i will pass it on to Kira.

No Cool Story said...

Hi Anne/kq, thanks for visiting my blog :D
This is a really good recommendation, thanks!, we don't have a problem with bugs, just some pesky ants during the summer, insecticides freak me out. I'll definitely use this.