Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tangles and Headache

I have a headache. I've had it since last night. It's a migraine. I am dizzy, in pain, and it's worse with noise (yeah, good luck having quiet in a house with three kids), movement (and Emma keeps kicking the bed), and sitting up (so the kids are fending for themselves, and each other, as much as possible while I lay here.) I am also nauseated. Ick. So low blood sugar is probably a contributing factor since I can't eat anything (and threw up whatever was in my stomach from last night this morning.)

I think this headache has been exacerbated by the hour I spent untangling Emma's hair last night. It was tangled to begin with and swimming just made the tangles worse. It seems that Jeff doesn't understand how to properly comb hair; I've been leaving it to him too much and he just doesn't get the tangles out. I guess that's probably because he's always had short hair, and also his is stick-straight (while the girls have waves, a product of his straight hair and my uber-curly hair.) Emma didn't like it but was remarkably well behaved. She even let me brush it out and braid it when I was done combing out the tangles. This may be because I bribed her (I told her she would get five reward stickers-- she likes to put them on her hand-- and a treat if she sat still and was brave until all the tangles were out. There was a little whining but not too much.) Anyway, hunching over left me with a sore back, which seems to be making my headache much worse.

I guess that's pretty much it; this was just a gripe post. I hope none of my readers feel as cruddy as I do right now!

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Awesome Mom said...

I hope you feel better soon!