Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sooooo hoooot...

I can't sleep. Emma is fitful. Maggie is restless. Bridey took a looong time to conk out. Even Jeff didn't go to sleep as easily as he usually does.

It is just way too hot. We ended up turning off the air because the a/c was so hot it wasn't cooling the way it should, and opening the windows (which is just marginally better, heat-wise, but at least doesn't cost us any money on the electric bill.

I just cannot wait for cooler weather tonight. Usually I have no problem with heat; usually I could handle heat better than cold. But for some reason this hot weather seems different. Maybe it's the stillness and heaviness in the air. In any case, I can't sleep, the heat is contributing, and it's bugging the life out of me because I'm tired-- but not sleepy.



Awesome Mom said...

I hope it cools down some for you! We have had an unseasonably cool summer this year.

Guinevere Meadow said...

I always have a hard time sleeping if it's too hot.

Last year we were in England and they don't HAVE air conditioning in most of their buildings. The hotel we stayed in one night was on the bottom floor, so the window would only open an inch. It was like we were sleeping in an oven. (This while I was 5 months pregnant.)

England gets hotter in the summer than one would expect!