Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Three Happy Things

1) Yesterday, while Abba did schoolwork and Bridey napped, Ems and I went on a little mommy-daughter outing. We shopped at the thrift store (okay, I shopped, she played in the toys.) I got some more leotards and some tiny little preemie boy clothes to sell on ebay (this is the great thing about ebay, I can shop for things I would never get a chance to buy otherwise, and someone gets the benefit of it.) Then we went to Hallmark and picked out cards for Abba for Valentine's Day (don't tell KPC!) Emma picked out one from her and Bridget, all by herself. She also had fun with a frog that ribbited when you moved in front of it. Then we went and spoiled our dinners with Thrifty sherbet from Rite Aid (she had rainbow, I had apricot mango.) It was just really nice. She's getting old enough to be really fun to interact with when she's not whining and she whines a lot less when Bridget isn't around and she gets some individual attention (also when she's out somewhere instead of stuck at home.) I enjoyed getting to know the little PERSON she's becoming (as opposed to just a very smart, cute baby.) She has a lot of opinions and thoughts and questions about the world, and it's a pleasure to see that little mind discovering and figuring out.

2) I am wearing a pair of pants I have not managed to wear since I was first married, before I started getting big with Emma. They are size 10. (I was a size 9 on my wedding day, the smallest I have ever been in my adult life and, given my bone structure and the size of my hip bones, probably the smallest I can ever hope to be.) I knew I had lost some weight, but I also know I have a bit yet to go before I'm down to the smallest I was after Emma (about 10 lbs. more.) What I didn't realize, is that it's coming off in the right places, namely around my middle (hips and waist.) The weight that I put on with Emma seemed to stay there and I wasn't aware that it was starting to come off after the 20 extra lbs. I had after Bridget. Now, granted, the pants are made of SLIGHTLY stretchy fabric, and the fit is tight, but I was able to pull them on without a problem and zip them without laying down or anything. Even though I'm not, tonight I feel thin and pretty, just because of a comparison with what I felt and looked like a couple of months ago. No special effort, by the way; just making sure I exercise at least a little every few days, such as walking to the park or something, and trying to be aware of what I'm eating and sometimes make a healthier choice when I want a snack, and opting for seconds on dinner if I'm still hungry instead of dessert, or cutting the dessert serving in half. That, combined with approaching the magic 10 months post-partum (the time, for me, when continuing to nurse the baby really starts to pay off in the weight-loss department), and making sure I drink enough water, seems to have done the job without me feeling deprived or like I'm exercising really at all.

3) The big one: we got a dishwasher! Yes, after a year and a half with no dishwasher, we bought one (a portable, of course) on ebay. Jeff and my brother picked it up today and now we are going to go watch NCIS while the dishes get done. WOOT!!!


Awesome Mom said...

Party! I hate having to wash dishes by hand and I could not imagine having to do with with kid dishes too.

I am starting to get those fun interactions with Evan too. He really is turning into a little boy and it is truly amazing to watch.

txmommy said...

whoo hoo!!
I LoVE, Love, LOvE one on one time with my kiddos. They are great people and it's so fun:)
Yeah on the pants!!

And, Anne, you are SO organized. I need to carry more stuff in my car. I always need it so what was I thinking?

Jenn said...


No Cool Story said...

You are the 2nd person getting a dishwasher this week. Is there something I don't know about?.
I wash most of my dishes by hand, I don't know why, just used to it I guess.

Congrats on the girly outing, pants the washer.

Guinevere Meadow said...

Congrats on the weight loss! You're doing it the right way- getting exercise and eating right. I'm doing that too, and yesterday I fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans!! yay!! While I still have several pounds to go before I'm at my pre-pregnancy weight, it's nice to know I can wear the other clothes! (Like you, though, they're a little snug on me but I didn't have to lie down to zip them up!!)

Suzanne said...

Yay! Getting to wear skinny pants and buying dishwasher is wonderful. What a great week! :)