Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Best Part About Having Two Girls:

Matching outfits.

I'll admit it. I'm one of those moms who just adores any outfit I can find that comes in sizes my daughters can both wear. My first foray into the land of matching outfits was when I was pregnant, actually; two turquoise jumpers with tiny white polka-dots in sizes 0-3 mos. and 2T at Once Upon a Child. Luckily for me, Emma LOVES matching Bridget, and we have gone off on a whirlwind of matching outfits that I am enjoying while it lasts!

In the last few months, we have had several purchases in the "matching" category-- off-white sweaters suitable for church and fancy occasions; coordinating (not quite matching, but both black velvet tops and red skirts) dresses, both with red hair bows, for Christmas; black stretch leggings and blue-turquoise tops from Target (actually, I have a turquoise top in a matching shade and black stretchy pants myself, so we can ALL match); several colors and styles of matching tights; green tops with butterflies on them from the Clearance pile at Target; matching Easter dresses from Sears (green and soooo adorable, and on a "sale on sale items" sale so they were about $13 each; I'll be buying a white bonnet for Bridey and a white hat for Ems as soon as Target stocks them for Easter); and yesterday, sky-blue stretch pants and coordinating butterfly shirts (purple with appliqu├ęd butterfly which contains the same sky-blue) at Mervyn's (less than $10 for all four pieces, clearance again.)

And like I said, Ems seems to love it. She is a HUGE fan of matching outfits. I always wished, growing up, that I had a sister to match with (my sisters are 10 and 13 years older than I.) I guess I love living vicariously through dressing my kids up. I'm just glad that Ems is as much of a girly-girl as I always was, if not more, so I have someone to enjoy girly things with (my mom was not into really "girly" things the way I was, and your little brother will only let you put him in a skirt and clip-on earrings for so many years before he rebels.) *sighs contentedly* There's just something kind of sweet about putting your little girls in matching outfits and getting to enjoy the "Oh, how cute!" comments even more than usual. *grin* Another life-long dream accomplished. My husband rolls his eyes, but I will not be swayed from the path of matching clothing. At least, not until one or both of my girls rebel. And by then I will probably have other vic-- er, daughters to subject to my matching whims.


Mean Mommy said...

I love matching stuff too. And I had 3 sisters to match with (usually only on special occasions though.

Unfortunately, it's harder to find things in both 3mo and 6x. Maybe I'll have to dust off my sewing skills.

Anne/kq said...

Gymboree carries things that at least coordinate in those sizes, and some that match, although they are more expensive. Target often has Osh Kosh things that match or semi-match in those sizes, and they are much cheaper (although not inexpensive.) And if you've got a Dillards around they have matching fancy-occasion dresses every Easter and Christmas from size 3 mos. to 14 girls'.

Awesome Mom said...

It is soo good to know that I am not the only matching freak out there. I like to have at least one matching outfit for my boys to wear for each season and in each size. My husband rolls his eyes and tells me that they are not twins but I just ignore him and soak up all the great comments I get from the people around me that appreciate the cuteness of matching kiddos.

My mom appreciates the matching thing even though when I was a kid she never even attempted anything like that. She loves to hit Gymboree (which is expensive but the best place to get matching baby and toddler stuff) and have a spending spree.

Suzanne said...

I share your matching outfits obsession (and clearance shopping obsession too!) It's not too hard to find boys' outfits 3 years apart so I've been doing it for years. I love to get them matching shirts for Easter the best! I'll keep doing it until they demand I stop because I have so much fun.

The best is that when you're out, if your kids are matching, it's easier to spot them in a bunch of kids because you're only looking for one outfit. (Yellow is the best for this!)

Fun post! :D

txmommy said...

matching is sooo fun (for the mom)
My big girls refuse but the littles still will. Enjoy while it lasts!