Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Now, what shall I do?

Bridget went to sleep for the night around 10. Emma went down about 11 (for once!) Jeff asked if there was anything else I needed, got it for me, kissed me, and is asleep. This is a very unusual situation. Hmmm. I could watch a show only I want to see on tv. I could clean the living room up a bit. (Nah.) I could take a nice, warm bath and read a book and eat chocolate. Yes, that sounds nice! I think I will go do that.

P.S.-- Blogger apparently thinks my blog is a spam blog. Lovely. I guess I'm not a very good writer or something. My text must be "irrelevant, repetitive, or nonsensical." Sheesh. Fine, I'll admit it, my posts aren't very important to anyone but me. But to be TOLD that by Blogger is a bit of a slap in the face!


Guinevere Meadow said...

Mmm. Bath, book, chocolate. Sounds like heaven!!

No Cool Story said...

Blogger is nothing but a naughty brat :P
Chocolate, yes!

Jenn said...

Blogger actually TOLD you that you're spam? How? What? Where did they come up with THIS one?

Seriously, did they give you any explanation for this claim?

And after that news especially, a bubble bath and chocolate are a must.


Anne/kq said...

No bubbles in my bath; sensitive skin. :(

They make me fill in a word verification before I post now. I have applied to have this indignity removed, but they have to check my blog first. *rolls eyes*

Mean Mommy said...

Spam. Hmph. They should run a spell-checker on anything they think is spam. You're obviously not one of those illiterates.

Yeah for some 'me' time. My only problem is that when those evenings occur...I end up staying up way too late.

Awesome Mom said...

Fun times! I love my nightly me time (one of the perks of being a night owl in a flock of early birds) but I do have a tendency to stay up too late. I hope you en joy your me time and boo on blogger for being a stinker.