Thursday, March 13, 2008

More reasons I'm never sending anything FedEx. :|

So apparently the other two seats were delivered today... I knew nothing about this until Jeff asked when they were scheduled to come. I checked the tracking info and saw "delivered 11:34 AM." WHAT???

I went and looked and they are outside our door! Thank goodness we live in a safe apartment complex! Somehow the FedEx guy got in without buzzing like he's supposed to (probably someone was going out and opened for him as he was coming up), and then WITHOUT KNOCKING OR ATTEMPTING TO GET A SIGNATURE, he just LEFT THEM OUTSIDE THE DOOR. If they had been damaged or stolen I would have been REALLY MAD. As it is, I guess I'll just be glad they're here. :|

FedEx is NEVER getting my shipping business, and if I have a choice I'll choose another carrier when ordering things, too. Grrr.


Ami said...

I read your previous post to my husband and we both nodded. Uhuh.

But living in a house, I've found that both UPS and FedEx do that: leave packages at the door. Sometimes if I've been around I've heard a quick knock. If I'm fast enough, they're halfway back to the truck before I get the package.

Other times I've seen them place a package and NOT knock. Bad policy and it is probably going to come back to bite them both with consumer complaints.

Then again, maybe they KNOW the good neighborhoods. Maybe they wouldn't do this in a bad one?

Who knows.

Guinevere Meadow said...

How frustrating!!!

I always hate receiving deliveries here at the apartment. Because most of the time I'm not here, so I get home, see the sticker on my door, have to get back in the car, buckle Lance back up, drive to the office,
unbuckle Lance, find someone to help me get the thing into my car since I'm carrying Lance, and then figure out how to get both Lance and whatever it was up the stairs. More often than not, I just leave it in the car and wait for hubby to get home and get it.

I lucked out a couple weeks ago, we ordered a new area rug. My neighbors with their middle-school boys were outside, so I asked the boys to help. It was so nice!! They carried the rug upstairs for me and brought into the apartment. Yay for nice neighbor kids!

Awesome Mom said...

We have the same issue that Ami does. Once there was a package I was not expecting and the delivery person left it out in the rain!!!! Luckily it was not out there too long, but still I was ticked because I had been home all day and would have heard a knock if there had been one. Living in a town home it is hard to tell then the truck is delivering something for you or one of your neighbors. I have learned to check every time I hear a truck.

Anne/kq said...

We can't even hear the trucks!

I was out in the living room, I know he didn't knock. I signed for the first two, these two they say "signature not required?" What?

I heard some noise in the hall but figured it was a laundry basket-- we're right next to the laundry room.