Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

We had a good one, hope you all did! We dragged ourselves out of bed (laaaaaate night, no sleep) and got dressed. Then we got the kids up (Emma tends to be cranky getting up early for church but "Let's go see if the Easter baskets got filled!" worked wonders.) Then while they ate junk (the Easter bunny put mostly healthy stuff in their baskets but, of course, they went STRAIGHT for the jelly beans, which were at least fruit-juice based; they did have some jello with peaches and some apple juice, I guess that's fruit, right?) we got them dressed. Went to church (and stayed the whole time! Jeff fell asleep in Elder's Quorum, I was looking all over and the EQ Pres. noticed me and said, "Oh, he's in there, you can get him any time... He fell asleep and we figured he needed it so we just turned off the lights and left him..." Well, at least they understand!)

Then we went home; I made the ham (and burned it a bit, but it was okay on the inside! I think our oven must run a bit hot) and everyone else napped. We had to turn on the air; record-breaking highs yesterday combined with oven on for 3 hours equals too hot! Then I trimmed up the artichokes, and we headed over to my mom's. I got the artichokes cooking. My grandma had taken the potatoes to her house to cook, since my mom's oven had died! So we waited for her to get back while the kids played in my mom's living room (she has all kinds of cool old FP toys, like a castle and a Sesame Street set) and then they took their baskets and hunted eggs. (We made sure Emma left some of the easier ones for Bridey while she got the hang of it, but by the end Bridey was spotting even some of the tougher ones!) Then we all had dinner. Michael showed up with one of his friends. They actually behaved. (So did the kids-- mostly.)

After dinner we got some belated Christmas presents (everyone got sick and we never did our Christmas stuff with my mom and grandma.) The kids got some toys, books, clothes; I got a really cool diaper bag from my mom, and a neat Tupperware thing from my grandma. Then we ate cheesecake; by that time we were all exhausted!

I do have some pictures, but they're not off the camera yet! I'll post them when we pull them off.


Evenspor said...

That's funny about your husband falling asleep in Elder's Quorum and them turning the lights off and leaving him. (this is Arwen, btw)

Gori Girl said...

Sounds like you had a fun Easter! We don't really celebrate most holidays here, since there aren't any little ones running around and Aditya doesn't have any cultural connection to US/Christian holidays. In deference to the traditional Easter ham, we did make BLTs for dinner. :)

It's quite funny that you're still exchanging Christmas gifts with family members - we're doing that too! I just sent off the care package to California, since we weren't there this year.

txmommy said...

sounds fun!
Funny about your hubby ;)