Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I am NEVER sending anything FedEx, EVER.

Today I got TWO of my Radians. The other two are apparently in another shipment somewhere and the info on them hasn't been updated since they left CO. Hmmm. First the estimated arrival date was last Friday. Then FedEx took 3 days to pick up the car seats after a next-day pickup was scheduled. So they changed the EAD to yesterday. Then today. Then tomorrow. Finally Thursday.

Today, with no warning (and we're all sick, so I wasn't dressed or anything, and look awful, I'm sure, unkempt and in my nightgown) two of the seats arrived. The other two are still showing a Thursday EAD (which these two were last night when I checked them, too.) At this point, I'm expecting them to arrive some time between tomorrow and next week. *rolls eyes*

To make FedEx look even worse, I've had 3 packages sent UPS ground in the same period of time, and arrive with no delays. I know there have been storms and grounded flights in the midwest, but that shouldn't affect ground shipping from CO to CA, should it now? Not to mention that the UPS packages were coming from areas that WERE affected by ice storms, blizzards, and the like during that time. Hmmmm.

On the good side, I got one seat all adjusted and ready to go (it's the one for my dad's car; since I got Bridey's seat and one of Emma's, I figured I would give the first one that came for Emma to my dad for his car, since she currently has a well-fitting seat in our car, if a cheap one, but has pretty much outgrown the one she's using in my dad's car. So the first seat goes to replace the unsafe seat while she can wait another week if need be to get the seats in our car.) They are just as advertised, very narrow, nice low profile, and super-sturdy! And I've gotta say the folding up is cool. Heavy, but then again, that's 'cause they're built to be so sturdy and hold such big kids! And Emma looks to have a good few years of growth in this seat. I think she'll make it at least to 6 for sure (by height of course, there's no way she'll outgrow the weight when she's only 34-ish lbs. right now! By six I do expect her to have passed the "standard" 40 lb. limit, though, so I'm glad I'll be able to keep her harnessed-- check out the sidebar for info on extended harnessing!) I am going to be thrilled to have the kids in such great seats (now that I've played with one and figured it out.)

Now I think I'm gonna take more Sudafed and Tylenol; I'm so congested my ears hurt. :( Bridey has been screaming her poor little head off since she woke, about every little thing, saying "no no no!" and throwing fits. I think she feels about like I do. But I am not up for wrestling meds into her; maybe when Jeff gets home we'll dose her so she can sleep tonight. Emma's doing the best of the three of us, she's a little drippy at the nose but her cough seems better today and she doesn't seem so miserable. And her throat seems better than ours, she's a little more open to eating "scratchy" things.

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