Thursday, March 06, 2008

Little Miss Bigfoot

Okay, we knew Bridget was outgrowing her shoes, and that she has big feet. But this is getting crazy.

After my doctor's appointment (Miss Bigfoot the Youngest had fun kicking the doppler and giving the doc grief when he tried to listen to her heartbeat; he thought it was pretty funny) we dropped by the shoe store because Bridey has literally outgrown ALL her shoes. She hardly even got to wear the size 7 sneakers we bought last month. I measured her feet and she's more than 7 1/2, I had to buy her size 8 sneakers today. EIGHT!!! She is TWENTY TWO MONTHS OLD! Emma is just barely starting to creep up on the limits of her size eight shoes! I got Easter/summer church shoes for both of them and one pair was size 8 for Bridey, one was size 8 1/2 for Emma. (Church shoes give a little more growth room because they can wear tights or thin fancy socks instead of play socks with them.)

Now, hopefully Bridey will not grow so fast that I will have to buy her size 9 shoes before the summer is over... Even $13 Payless shoes get expensive when you have to buy a new pair each month!

Their Easter dresses also came UPS today (this dress in "Straw Yellow Daisy"; their cousins got the same dress in "Shell Pink Daisy") and I pulled them out to look at the size. Emma's looks perfect (got her a 5) but I'm going to have to try on Bridey's 3T before I decide whether it's big enough or whether to send it back and get a 4... She is just growing so fast!

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