Sunday, June 10, 2007


So it's been a fairly quiet weekend, some good, some bad. Emma got sent home sick from preschool Thursday. She is finally just now getting really better. That's good, it means she'll get to go back on Tuesday. Bridget and I haven't been feeling so hot, either; Bridget didn't get a fever like Ems but she is fussy and just generally not good. I have just had a bit of general bleh, on top of my still-aching back and neck. So we didn't go to church today; there are prematurely born babies and older people and a kid with a compromised immune system from an organ transplant in our ward, we don't go when we have something we might spread.

Yesterday was my last day of class for the session. We had fun. We did architecture, and built a castle out of boxes, then one out of cake, then ate the cake, then tore down the boxes. I found out I am teaching this summer; I had been asked about fall by accident, instead of summer, but I guess I am starting in July. Oops. I told Claire that I can do this summer but I will need to have a few weeks off for vacation!

We went to Sun Thrift and I found a $500 Maclaren double stroller for $3.99. It needed a lot of cleaning and the shades have some fading but it's cleaning up pretty darned good for $4. There was no structural damage or anything, just a lot of dirt. Emma and I went out and washed it with Simple Green and water, then rinsed it with a hose, after I had taken off the seat covers to wash. I was going to sell it but decided to keep it; we will put the big double stroller, which was getting hard on my back with the girls getting so big, in storage, and I have promised Jeff that if I really really love this one I will sell off the other one (if I decide I don't like it I will sell this one off.) I will have to e-mail them for instructions since it is a discontinued model, so there are none on the site, and it needs a little WD-40, but that's not a big problem. It's navy with light blue seats, so good for whatever comes along next. I love Sun Thrift.

I am having awful heartburn. Pretty much whatever I eat either gives me heartburn or makes me queasy. No fun.

We have the tower fan out in the hall, set on "high" and "rotate", and Bridget loves to crawl or walk up to it, stand in front of it, and giggle as the air blows past her. It's pretty hilarious. She's such a goof.

So that's my life this weekend. Some good, some bad, and some mediocre, like most weekends, really. They go by far too fast now that Jeff is working all week. My consolation is that it's not as bad as it will be during tax season. I'm not looking forward to that...


Mean Mommy said...

I'm jealous of your stroller. No one around here gets rid of good stuff like that.

Anne/kq said...

Yeah, that's why I adore Sun Thrift! The rich people in La Crescenta and La Canada donate to this thrift store and we reap the benefits-- Gymboree clothes, Maclaren strollers, botique baby blankets, there was a Hot Wheels that Emma wanted this weekend but we didn't get it for her... To be fair the stroller was REALLY dirty, which is probably why it was thrift-stored instead of yard-saled or passed down to someone else.