Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Today at work Jeff was given tickets to the Dodgers-Mets game. The boss is a season ticket holder and couldn't use them so we got them, rather late in the day (afternoon, very short notice.) We called everyone we could think of but no one was free on short notice, so we used all 4 for ourselves, which ended up working out well. We stopped at the store on the way there and picked up a picnic (you can take food in as long as you have no thermoses, cans, glass bottles, opened plastic bottles [they must be factory-sealed when you bring them in], coolers, or bags/purses larger than 14" square. So I got a big ol' sandwich from the deli, single-serve potato salads for me and Jeff, rice puddings for dessert, two bottles of water, a pack of apple juice boxes, and a Gatorade for Jeff, and we put some in the diaper bag and I carried the rest in a grocery bag.) We got there at the bottom of the second inning, and stayed for the rest of the game (it was a short game.) We grabbed the travel booster that we keep in the trunk and were able to strap it on to a seat so Bridey didn't have to be in our laps the whole time-- and she loved it! We were right over the press box, in the center front row of the reserved section, both kids were able to see the field and just adored it. It was Flag Day so we all got little flags going in and the kids had a blast waving those, too! And we had a preferred parking pass (comes with the season tickets, apparently) and it was a breeze getting in and out, at least compared to how it usually is at Dodgers Stadium (which is not the best designed, parking-wise.) And it was so warm that I actually only needed one of the blankets we brought, Ems and I shared it, and I didn't put on my sweatshirt (the girls put theirs on at the end.) We forgot the camera but since it was Bridget's first baseball game we decided we really needed pictures so we bought a disposable. Therefore we will have to get them developed and scanned before I can post them, but I will get them up when I can. Everyone around us thought the girls were just so cute, especially when Emma sang along with "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" and when Bridget clapped (she claps whenever everyone else claps, the polite child.) Emma asked all the way home, over and over, "So, did you have a good time at the baseball game, Mommy?" "So, did you have a good time at the baseball game, Abba?" And we would reply, "Yes, I did!", to which she would add, "Me, too!" And we really did. It was so nice to get out together for something other than dinner or just going over to relatives' houses, it was really a nice time.

The only down point of the day (other than my cramps, which luckily a combination of Advil and Tylenol is helping) was that apparently Emma decided to decorate herself and her sister in festive Dodgers blue and got hold of a blue Sharpie. I came out and she had colored everything in the playpen-- including herself, her sister, and their clothes. Ay. So we have two pairs of jammies that probably will never be the same, and they had to spend about 40 minutes in the bath tub getting scrubbed as I could catch one or the other of them. Parts of them are still faintly blue and probably will be for a few days. Oh, well, it has to happen once or twice in every family, right?


ami said...

Sadly, no. It happens more than that. It is proportional to the number of children in the family.

I have pretty blue swirls on my wall. We caught toddler boy pretty quickly, but he was fast and the drying of the paint was even faster. I guess it's a good excuse to paint.

Sorry about the cramps. Those are gross.

Jenn L said...

I'm so happy to hear that you were able to get out and have a fun day just for the sake of having fun. Everyone needs that once in a while.

As for the sharpie, it was an annual occurence in my family until the youngest sibling was about 8 or so, and then repeated when the younger cousins and then second-cousins and finally nieces/grandchildren (which are my two kids) came around. My 10 year old hasn't quite broken out of the habit of using everything and anything as a canvas. At least she stopped using herself and her sister.

The important question is... did you get pictures of the kids in their self-decorated Dodger glory? :)


Guinevere Meadow said...

It sounds like your family had a really nice day!!!

Hm. I think maybe I'll ban Sharpies from my house once Lancelot beomes a!

(and if the comment you left on my blog is true, congratulations!!!!)

txmommy said...

yeah Dodgers!
Sounds like fun, I'm glad you guys got to go out with the kiddos and do something special :)

I'm glad you caught my spelling error, I would be embarrased to have brother read some future date, and think I didn't know how to correctly spell his hero's name!

Suzanne said...

I've decided that Sharpies should just be banned from every household with children. Seriously. Those things just don't go well together! I'm glad you had fun at the game! :)