Monday, June 25, 2007

Sick Day

We all have a virus. Jeff would normally have gone to work anyway, but I'm having a really rough time (I don't want to talk about it) and he didn't want to leave me with the kids sick in the state I was in this morning. (He ended up sleeping an extra 4 or so hours, which he NEVER does, so I know he was really sick too.) We were feeling a lot better this afternoon (although Ems still has a snotty nose like nobody's business; I've had to give her Sudafed just so she'll be able to sleep at night.) So we went to the thrift store (I got Ems a Sesame Street rain coat for this fall and a few rash guards for when she gets a few sizes bigger, I believe in planning ahead, and also one of those loungy armchair-type pillow things.) Then we went to Target to get a few things we needed (like plastic bags and spoons and new shoes for Emma.) We got the bags and stuff, then headed over to the shoes. Well, they did not have any Sesame Street shoes except sandals, and we needed tennis shoes. The horror of not having what she wanted! Finally I spotted Superman pjs with a cape that velcroes on and everything. Emma had a pair of Superman pjs from the thrift store that she has outgrown and they were too warm anyway. I just packed them away. Since they were only $13, I told Ems that if she could be a big helper and choose some shoes she would wear, and throw away her old ones (which are falling apart and STINK), she could have new Superman pajamas. Yes, I bribe my children sometimes. But it stopped the tears threatening to make us leave the store, and she picked some Curious George tennies out. THEN while Jeff went to get toddler toothpaste and hair gel, I found the clearance clothes. Uh-oh! I found two shirts and a pair of pants for Ems, and a maternity/nursing dress I just had to have. It is so cute! And it was 50% off the original price-- $14. But when I tried on the large, it covered my chest, covered my knees-- and my garments showed under the arm! Oh, no! So I looked at the material, and decided it was really stretchy and cut pretty generously. So I went and got a medium, and it fit! It's not too tight and the arm holes aren't so deep that my garments show, so it's all good. :) And it's so stretchy I think it will fit until at least the 8th month of my next pregnancy (which we're trying for right now.) Plus the top has criss-cross parts so that I can nurse in it if I have to (although I do not like that style as much as the Motherhood dresses with the over layer over the vertical slits, because I don't use a cover when nursing, but Bridey is down to not much now anyways, most days just one time in the morning, so I don't always wear nursing tops, just tops I CAN nurse in in an emergency.) I tried it on for Jeff when we got home and it is so cute! I could wear it to almost anything, you could dress it down or dress it up, it could go to church, a casual party, a cocktail party, dinner and a movie, or the theater. It all would depend on the shoes, jewelry, and hair. It's so hard to find a MODEST, garment-covering "little black dress" that will work while pregnant or nursing! So I'm very pleased with it.

In other news, Emma can now sing the entire "Winnie the Pooh" theme song, and Bridget can hum it (and will if you say "Winnie the Pooh"-- she even said "Pooh Buh!" before humming it the other day!) Emma is trying hard to learn to hop on one foot, and Bridey can sign "more". (We weren't understanding her when she said "muh, muh!" the other day, because that means so many things, so she broke out the sign! And I thought she wasn't paying attention when I signed to her! Actually, I think it was really Emma who actually taught it to her. She is much more patient with things like that than I am.)

We are looking really hard for a new place to live. We hope to buy but are not sure yet whether that is an impossibility; we are applying for the state-administered first time home buyer program. We are hoping to find that we can get a manageable payment through them (since renting a place big enough is apparently going to cost us in the $1600-$2000/mo. range anyway.) I just cannot stand the situation we are in any longer. We desperately need to get out. We'd appreciate prayers on the home-finding front, as well as for our general well-being and sanity.

So that's pretty much it. Life can be really crazy sometimes, seems like this is one of these times.


Lana said...

you are so great at planning ahead!

I am sorry to hear that you are sick. H and J are sick and I am hoping it doesn't spread...but you know how that goes.

Good luck on the house hunt/dilema!

Awesome Mom said...

Good luck finding a house. It is a tough market that you live in.

I am a planner ahead person too. I have Evan's winter wardrobe already purchased all on clearance for pennies on the dollar. It is too hard to find him decent used clothing any more, so I have to go new.

Jennifer Swanepoel said...

Oh honey. Some days can just be so aggravating! (Sick husbands can be ESPECIALLY aggravating!!)

Will pray for your housing situation. Home prices are just ridiculous these days!! It's nearly impossible for single-income families to afford to buy homes, at least where I am.