Friday, April 03, 2009

A week of cleaning car seats...

I feel a song coming on:

Bringing in the seats,
Bringing in the seats,
I shall come rejoicing,
Bringing in the seats;
Bringing in the seats,
Bringing in the seats,
Though washing's not my fav'rite task,
Cleaning the car seats!


Earlier this week (we've all been sick) Bridget threw up in her car seat. And Emma's. And all over the car. So I got to take all 3 seats out (well, Maggie's was dirty too), wash 2 covers (M's just needed a shake-down and a wipe-down with a disinfectant wipe), and while I was at it I did the spare Radian that we'll be putting in my mom's car tomorrow, since the buckle was sticky (again, just a good shake-down and wipe-down.)

Then I also am getting rid of (sold 1, gave away for shipping 2 others) 3 of my "extra" car seats that were just hanging around. (The Scenera, the Cosco HBB, and the SnugRide, if you were wondering...) So I've been wiping/shaking down and washing up those, too.

It's actually kind of cathartic, methodically disassembling, cleaning, drying, reassembling, and checking for errors all these seats...

Plus, I get to put them back in.

I do love a good car seat installation. (And we're having the car detailed in a few weeks so I'll get to do it AGAIN!)

And, it made room for the new ones. Well, I have a Como (actually I have 2; I had 3 but I am trying to get rid of one still, sold one on eBay) and I got one that is not technically a "seat" but a "child restraint." It's a Ride Safer Travel Vest. Emma tried it on and we got it all adjusted today. Tomorrow she gets to ride in Grandma Pam's car in it! She will be in the middle, between Bridey in the Radian and Maggie in the Uptown. I am actually rather stoked because until now if Grandma Pam wanted to take them anywhere we've been switching cars, because she has a Sentra. 3 kids in restraints in the back of a Sentra is REALLY difficult. This is, like, history-making. ;) I think it's really exciting and cool, but now you all probably think I'm really weird...


*sunchips* said...

You're not weird, I love playing with car seats too! I'm glad you are getting a vacation and CPST, after tax season you deserve it!

Guinevere Meadow said...

You can come put my car seat in ANY time. Every once in awhile I have to take ours out and put it into someone else's car. It's such a pain in my rear end. I would rather stay stuck at home doing nothing than wrestle my car seat into another car.


Titus Todd said...

I do not enjoy cleaning car seats. I had to clean three car seats for our foster kids. They smelled and looked nasty. It was quite a job taking them apart, cleaning them out, and getting them back together again. The end result was quite satisfying, however.