Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Let's Go To The Movies

(Remember that song? I spent entirely too much time singing along to the Annie soundtrack record-- yes, it was a record-- as a kid.)

I could not stand being home any more with the kids but wasn't feeling well. I hit on the idea of a movie. I was a bit nervous because Emma and Bridget had never been to the theater before (Maggie has. We take her along on our dates, she's so clingy.) We went to see Hotel For Dogs.

The movie was okay. The experience was great though! I have to say, after 9 on a weeknight is a great time to take kids for a first movie, because you get the WHOLE THEATER to yourself (in a PG rated film anyway.) Bridget ran up and down a bit and Emma asked lots of questions, but no one cared because we were the only ones there! We had popcorn and lemonade and the kids loved it all. Bridey got a bit antsy toward the end but I let her out in the aisles as long as she stayed close. She cracked me up, there was one scene where the dogs are all running down the street and Bridget yelled, "Come give me hugs, doggies! Mommy, the doggies not listening! They won't give me hugs!" LOL!

Anyway, it worked so well-- I got out of the house but didn't have to walk around, just sit-- that I have told them we can do it again in a month or two. Now hopefully something else will be out that they can see by then!


*sunchips* said...

How fun! I'm glad it went well!

Guinevere Meadow said...

I have yet to take Kiddo into a movie theater. I took him once when he was just a little baby, not walking yet! Very different from a squirming toddler.

Sounds like the girls had fun though!