Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gobble Gobble

Maggie woke up hungry and I realized she hadn't had her "real food" today. So I suggested, since we haven't tried her on a new food for a while, we try a jar of "turkey and sweet potatoes." (She'd had sweet potatoes before but this was her first meat.) She loved it! She ate half a jar (minus what ended up on her face, chest, hands, Exersaucer-- where we feed her-- and in the folds between rolls of fat on her neck, lol!)

All my girls have been quite fond of turkey and sweet potatoes both, so I'm not really surprised... It makes me a little sad and proud at the same time to see her getting so big, though! I just can't wait to see her get as big as her sisters, and at the same time I wish that day would hold off forever and she could always be my baby. It's one of the paradoxes of motherhood (or I suppose I should say, parenthood); you simultaneously are excited for every milestone, and wish they could stay little forever. I think it is probably because we know that things only get more complicated; we want to protect them and keep them from harm forever, because we love them so much. But at the same time we know that it's right and good and necessary for them to grow and develop. *sigh*

I guess that's why I'm starting to hanker for another one...

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