Thursday, May 01, 2008

Maggie comes home

Here are some coming-home pictures!

I am pleased to say that we did NOT have to get the infant carrier out. The 9 inch bottom slots are even a bit BELOW her shoulders, not just at! (You can't see that 'cause of the infant cushions, but it's true.) The nurse who checked the carseat (who is a certified tech, and also the sweet one who showed me how to make Maggie more comfy by putting blanket rolls on top of the Bilibed cover) had never seen a Radian before and thought it was an awesome seat (and awesome that I'm a carseat geek who knew just what to do with it.) And she was pleased to hear that our other two are harnessed in Radians as well and will be for quite a long time. I love our Radians! So do the kids, they're really comfy in them! Bridey liked the seat rear-facing and still likes it now that she's hit the RF weight limit and has to forward-face. I love the fact that they exceed federal requirements even without the top tether, and do even better with the top tether (which we use) and can even be tethered rear-facing. And they let us get three across in a Corolla, can't ask for more than that!

Anyway, here she is fitting perfectly in the car seat (though the cushions did end up needing a bit of adjusting down):

Here you can see how they fit three across:

And here are the proud big sisters (who also needed their harnesses and such adjusted before we went.)

Finally, here's her first picture at home! I was so glad to see her lay in her own playpen!


Guinevere Meadow said...

SO SO SO SO happy for you guys!!

She's just precious...absolutely precious.

Making my uterus ache...

Ashley said...

Your girls are adorable, and I love Maggie's bonnet.