Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to Bridget!

Miss Bridget is 2 years old! Happy birthday to her!

Unfortunately, she seems to be more into the "terrible twos" than her sister was. But we love her anyway. ;)

We went to McDonald's for her birthday dinner, her choice of course. She was more interested in the slide than the food! She has just discovered sliding and is fearless, will go down the almost 2-story tall twisty slide on her own if Jeff takes her to the top (she'd go to the top herself but the climbing platforms are just a bit too high for her and the climbing tube is a bit too steep, so she needs a boost.) Then we went to Ralph's and she picked out brownie bites and M&M cookies for dessert (after they ran all over the store with the miniature shopping cart and forced Jeff to chase them.) All in all a fun evening and she was so worn out she went happily to her crib much earlier than usual (although she talked and sang for 45 minutes, there was no screaming, she just calmed herself down and then was out!)

Sadly, no one sang the "Birthday Cake Polka" to either of them this year (an L.A. area tradition, from the "Sheriff John" kids show that was on when my parents were growing up.) Not even at the cowboy party! I was trying to find a video to embed that featured it but none seemed appropriate. So search "Sheriff John, birthday cake polka" if you want to know what I'm talking about. ;) It's a tradition I grew up with and I'll make sure someone sings it next year for them!

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txmommy said...

Happy BIrthday!
Wow you are going to have your birthday girls close together!

Good luck on Thursday.