Sunday, April 20, 2008

Been busy and had no computer...

...that's why I've been away from my blog!

The kids did something to this computer about 3 weeks ago, and then two Wednesdays ago Jeff's laptop stopped working. He took it in (it's still under warranty) but they were real dumb about it, didn't call, and by the time he got it sent in they had had it 5 days already. Annoying. So now it's off to warranty repair la-la land and we have no clue when we'll get it back. *sigh* Thursday night Jeff finally fixed this computer, but since I'm in so much pain it's hard to even sit in the chair (stupid hips) I am not on much. Plus we had 3 birthday parties for Emma and Bridget this weekend! A tea party with my aunt Fri., a cowboy theme party with my mom's side at the park Sat., and then we went over to my dad's for lunch after church today (I only stayed the first hour, as usual lately when I make it at all, but the kids and Jeff were there for all 3.)

Jeff has been trying to clean up the apartment but he is not going nearly as fast as he had hoped (I've been unable to really walk, bend, pick things up for, oh, about 3 months now...) For some inexplicable reason he keeps falling asleep instead... (Can you say "three months of sleep deprivation," boys and girls?) So the place is still pretty much a mess. At this point we're prioritizing what NEEDS to be done before the baby comes home (oh, did I mention that two appointments ago I scheduled my induction for this Thursday? Yep! I'm dilating and effacing and I'm in too much pain to want to go past 39 weeks-- which I will be exactly this Thurs.) And then we're thinking Jeff will take a week or so off using the Paid Family Leave program we have here in CA (which thankfully his employer is awesome about supporting-- he won't have to use his vacation time concurrently or anything to take it.) That way we'll have time to do things like sort through and wash all the baby clothes, which we haven't really got around to (we're just gonna pull out a few basics for the first few days, and the bassinet, and a few sheets and diapers, until we can get everything done.)

Anyway, tomorrow is Bridey's birthday, so we'll let her choose what we have for dinner (since that's the family tradition); I have a feeling it will either be burritos or going to McDonald's or IKEA... She's going to be 2! She has become such a little PERSON, it's amazing. And she TALKS! You would never believe this was the child who was barely communicating until about 13 or 14 months of age. I guess she just wanted to wait until she could "do it right," because now she talks a mile a minute about all kinds of things (often in 5 to 8 word sentences.)

Other than that, mostly just counting down until the baby comes! I am so uncomfortable I cannot WAIT until she is out! WEll, besides just wanting to meet her, of course. And Jeff and I are having fun trying to guess how big she will be. He's thinking she's bigger than me by about 1/2 to 1 inch and 2-4 ounces, but we're both agreed she'll probably be somewhere around the size Bridey was when she was born. Probably not as heavy as Emma was (although maybe longer!)

Anyway, just wanted to catch up a bit since I haven't blogged in, like, weeks! Hope all my bloggy friends are well, and sorry I haven't been around much! :) I have pictures that some day I will post... Probably shouldn't hold your breath, though. ;)


Mean Mommy said...

Wow--exciting news! Congrats on scheduling the induction! That must be a relief.

Take care of yourself. You're in my prayers.

Awesome Mom said...

Good luck with the delivery and all that fun stuff that comes after.

Amy said...

Good luck this Thursday! I was due last week, but instead I had a seven-week-old baby, since he had to come early. It was scary at the time, but now that everything's okay I'm glad to avoid that end-of-pregnancy pain!